Table Options

Nothing helps the profitability of a spa more than repeat business. And nothing inspires your spa guest more than a luxurious experience of pampering and relaxation. LEC helps to accomplish this with plush features, such as our Embedded Table Warmer or the Caress™ self-adjusting platform with Strata™ FacePillow. Add features such as the Conforma LE™ Top, So Sound® Acoustic Resonance or PivotPerfect™ side arms for the ultimate, unforgettable experience that will bring your clients back again and again.

Conforma LE™ - Breast Recess Comfort System

    The Conforma LE™ improves breast comfort and spinal alignment for
    women and men during face down spa and medical treatments. With
    continuous one-touch, whisper-quiet motorized adjustments,therapists
    and clients are able to create a luxuriously padded alcove, tailored
    to each individual client,ensuring maximized comfort and optimizing
    spinal alignment.

Thermasoft™ Dual-Zone Embedded Table Warmer

    Provide exceptional client comfort with digitally controlled temperature
    settings for every taste. Provides 15 heat combinations, is stain and
    moisture resistant and features a build-in overheat protection.

Foam & Cushioning Options

    Please have a look at each individual model and what options we offer,
    but all tables come standard with our plush Strata Memory Foam
    Cushioning System either in 4" or 3" height. For unsurpassed comfort
    select the Strata GT™ SpaMattress™ System with GelTech™ spring back
    technology or our Conforma LE™ breast comfort system.

So Sound® Acoustic Resonance

    So Sound® Solutions was created to help manage stress and ‘re-mind’ us
    of our natural state of health or harmony. Uplift your “vibe” physi-
    cally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as you move into a deep
    listening experience with So Sound®’s music and meditation programs,
    specifically mixed and mastered to optimize the use of our patented
    Acoustics Resonance Technology (ART).

PivotPerfect™ Side Arms

    PivotPerfect™ side arms pivot in close to the client for a snug-in fit,
    or outward for hand/arm massage, filling and polish. Self-adjusting with
    angle of back tilt. Removable when not in use. Option to have with our
    without manicure dishes.

Flex Side Arms

    Flex Arms can support clients on tilt and salon tops and bend
    accordingly. They can as well adjust to flat tops and lay flat.
    Like this they function as a table width extension. Comfortably
    upholstered with the same material as our tables for a 100% match.

Med-Ped™ Hands-Free Foot Control

    Med-Ped™ Hands Free Foot Control keeps hands sanitary for specialty
    work. Adjusts all table-top movements independently, including height
    adjustments. Available for several models for example Pro Salon,
    Aspen and Cloud 9.

Rolling Locking Casters

    Rolling casters provide the perfect mobile solution if needed.
    Not available on all models, please contact us if you are interested.

GelTech™ SpaMattress

    Our 5.5" SpaMattress with GelTech™ spring-back layer for unsurpassed
    comfort will let your clients rave about the outstanding support and
    softness of our most advanced mattress option. Removable.

Digital Warming Drawer

    The perfect addition to any table or trolley, providing a multi functional
    solution to spa treatment needs. This hand-built unit features variable
    preset heating for hot towels, warming stones, or robes and linens.
    Comes with a wire basket for lines and towels and a silicone mat
    for stones.

PowerPort™ Power Management System

    Clever and practical, these recessed outlets eliminate cord clutter
    by allowing you to power additional equipment right from your table.
    Available in international voltages as well.

Square Corners

    Chose your style and select square corners for various different models
    in our line. Reach our to us for more details. For some features square
    corners are required.

Aromatherapy Platform

    Display an elegant array of herbs, flowers or essential oils.
    We offer this beautiful adjustable platform that fits all of
    our tables. Take aromatherapy to the next level and combine it
    with a beautiful visual.

Salon Accessories Package

    The ultimate comfort for your clients for salon and tilt tops. Complete
    package comes with Flex Side Arms, Salon Style Neck Roll and Salon Style
    Headrest. Flex Arms can lay flat and be table width extensions. All three
    are easily removable.

Front Arm Shelf / Table Extender

    The Arm Shelf sits underneath the face cradle and comes with
    luxurious 4" of foam and can as well work as a table extender.
    Removable when not in use. Available on all LEC tables.

Bolster Holder

    The bolster holder provides discrete and convenient access to various
    massage pillows, making it easy to store within arm’s reach from your
    stationary or lift table.

Wooden Paper Roll Holder

    This removable Paper Roll Holder is designed with ease-of-use in mind,
    matching our tables. Holds 21" paper rolls.
    For use with all portable and stationary tables.