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EarthLite® Announces PowerAssist™ Tilting Technology That Provides World Class Spa Table Functionality On A Day Spa Budget

Non-electric powered treatment table top tilting technology offers world class spa versatility and services to increase revenue potential for massage practitioners, day spas and medi-spas

Vista, California – September 24, 2008 –EarthLite (, the world’s largest manufacturer of massage and spa treatment tables, announces their new PowerAssist spa treatment table top tilting technology that expands stationary spa treatment table adjustability at a fraction of the cost of similar tilting mechanisms available on the market today. EarthLite’s Ellora Tilt™, Ellora Salon™ Everest Tilt™ and the Calistoga Salon™ all feature an articulating Salon and/or Facial top that are equipped with the new PowerAssist technology. PowerAssist tops are a non-electric powered Facial (back section lift) or Salon (back and leg section lift) with One Touch Pneumatic Assist Levers which allow for infinite adjustments, even while the client is on the table!

“EarthLite’s new PowerAssist is in direct response to meet the needs and challenges of our respected customers” said Jim Chenevey, CEO and President of EarthLite. “Customers appreciate EarthLite’s luxurious, functional and reliability features that come standard on our spa treatment tables but wanted more versatility to meet the increasing treatment demands of their discerning clientele without incurring the cost of a fully electric salon top option.”

PowerAssist is an alternative to limitations presented by manual back tilt top options. Most manual operated spa treatment table tops have a limited number of available adjustment levels, are usually heavy and difficult to adjust and restrict most adjustments to be performed when a client is off the table. PowerAssist is a great option for day spas, resorts and medi-spas allowing them to offer an expanded line of spa treatment services that customarily have been only available to spas equipped with fully electric salon top spa treatment tables.

PowerAssist expands EarthLite’s spa treatment options from traditional massage and reflexology treatments to now include facials, waxing, injectibles, manicures and a whole host of other spa treatment options. “The new PowerAssist Salon Table Top is the latest in a series of continued EarthLite innovations,” continues Chenevey.

EarthLite is headquartered in Vista, California with operations on three continents. EarthLite and its affiliates are one of the oldest and largest spa and massage table manufacturer in the world. EarthLite maintains an unwavering commitment to making exceptional quality products with eco-friendly materials and processes.