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Earthlite® Receives One Concept’s 2012 Environmental Leadership Award

Vista, California – April 27, 2012 – Earthlite ( (EL), the number one brand in massage tables in the spa and massage industry, was presented with One Concept’s 2012 award for Environmental Leadership. This award recognizes one company who exceeds all accepted standards for sustainability within the industry.

James Chenevey, Earthlite’s CEO, accepted the award at an awards dinner held by One Concept on April 21, 2012. “We are deeply honored to receive One Concept’s Environmental Leadership award. This prestigious award reinforces that environmental sustainability is highly valued by our industry and our customers,” explains Chenevey.

Since its founding 25 years ago, Earthlite has been a leader in environmental sustainability. Earthlite depends solely upon renewable wood sources from managed forests to build its product, avoiding rainforest hardwoods and wood from old growth forests. Earthlite recycles 100% of its scrap wood, minimizes waste, and uses biodegradable upholstery and CFC-free foam. Through its “Plant a Tree” program and partnerships with various environmental groups, Earthlite has achieved a truly remarkable zero-carbon footprint.

In a video One Concept created in Earthlite’s honor, Earthlite was acclaimed for being the first company in the industry to achieve a 100% carbon neutral footprint through various sustainable business practices. Chenevey explains the company’s dedication to internal environmental policies: “Long before it was fashionable, Earthlite had been making significant strides towards sustainability. We did this not because it was asked of us or because it was the latest industry trend, but because we truly believed it was the right thing to do.”

Earthlite is dedicated to sustainable manufacturing and anticipates no change in this outlook. According to Chenevey, “Environmental responsibility is, quite simply, part of our DNA. We intend to continue the development of high quality, environmentally friendly designs for many years to come.”

About Earthlite

Earthlite is headquartered in Vista, California with operations on three continents. Since 1987, Earthlite has been the number one brand in massage tables in the spa and massage industry.