Earthlite® Announces Launch of New Line of Hot Towel Cabinets

VISTA, CA -- May 10, 2016 -- Today, Earthlite® announced the introduction of a new line of UL listed, UV hot towel cabinets. The Earthlite UV Hot Towel Cabinets will be a significant improvement over existing models in the market. “We have been using hot towel cabinets in many of our products over the years and noticed a large gap in the market for a quality hot towel cabinet at an honest price” says Brian Paris, Earthlite VP of Sales. “The quality hot towel cabinets are prohibitively expensive while the budget models lack elegance and dependability, according to Mr. Paris. So we decided to build our own.”

Earthlite’s new Hot Towel Cabinets feature a higher temperature setting, improved door design, UV sanitizing, attractive exterior finishes, and a UL listing. “Earthlite will be offering improved design reliability and consistent heat in its Hot Towel Cabinets at an excellent value.” Initially, the line will include three sizes: small, standard, and a large two door unit, in white finish with silver door or black finish with silver door. Prices will start at $199, and all units will be backed by Earthlite’s one year comprehensive warranty.

About the Company – Headquartered in Vista, California, award winning Earthlite, is known as the highest quality massage and spa equipment manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1987, Earthlite was chosen as the 2015 “Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year” by the non-profit Green Spa Network®, and has won numerous awards including “Favorite Company for Manufacturer Support” by American Spa Magazine, for the past six years.

For more information on Earthlite’s Hot Towel Cabinet Line, visit the Earthlite website at earthlite or contact the company at 760-599-1112.