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Avila II™ Portable Massage Chair Package

Avila II™ Portable Massage Chair Package
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Avila II™ Portable Massage Chair Package

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The Avila II™ is the world’s most advanced massage chair -- infinitely adjustable, ergonomically designed and ultra compact. The leg and seat shapes plus the chair angles are expertly designed to provide optimal weight distribution maximizing comfort and support. The Soft Support™ cushioning system wrapped in Earthlite’s supple Natursoft™ upholstery provides the ultimate in comfort and durability.

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Infinitely Adjustable Professional Massage Chair Complete Package • Includes carry case with wheels, sternum pad, and valuables pouch. Innovative Composite Avila II Frame • Space age composite materials are pressure molded into a strong and stable patented frame. • Leg and seat shapes plus the chair angles are designed to provide the optimal weight distribution for maximum comfort. Infinitely Adjustable, Very Stable • Three quick levers optimize chair fit for everyone from children to 350 lb. adults. • Stainless steel clutches and reinforced chest clamp provide unparalleled strength and stability. Luxuriously Upholstered • Soft Support™ removable cushioning pads wrapped in supple Natursoft™ upholstery provide the ultimate in chair comfort. STANDARD FEATURES • Patented composite frame • High quality, Soft Support™ removable pads • Natursoft™ Upholstery in eight colors (Amethyst, Black, Burgundy, Latte, Mystic Blue, Sterling, Teal and Vanilla Creme) • Compact design • Stainless steel clutches • Package includes: chair, carry case with wheels, sternum pad, valuables pouch. OPTIONAL FEATURES:not available on website, call to order • Ultraleather® upholstery Specifications: • Weight: 25 lbs • Max. Working Weight: 350lbs • Lifetime Limited Warranty • CE Mark
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Additional Information

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use it right for great benefits
The best chair on the market. I am on my third one only because I sold my others to therapist friends that were using inferior chairs. They are the most adjustable chair on the market to make it comfortable for all client's no matter how big or small short or tall. Suggestion when your chair arrives play with learn how to use it. Be a master of your craft and your equipment. Best money I have spent on massage equipment. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to do chair massage. It is worth every penny.
Review by Darryl Griffith / (Posted on 3/27/2015)
Great Massage Chair; Lots of adjustments
• Chair is extremely comfortable
• Infinite settings
• Able to work on large (350lbs), I even believe I worked on one gentleman who was a bit larger than that
• Even a toddler (3 year old) was comfortable in the chair and remained for a 7 minute chair massage
• I love the rolling travel bag that comes with the chair
• It is composite frame, not plastic. Although there may be some plastic components, I am not sure.
• Almost too much chair for a traveling therapist who only does chair massage intermittently; more ideal for a set chair placement, in an office, or dedicated therapist room
• Even though I love the rolling bag, it really takes practice to get the chair back in; it fits in one way exactly. Not a lot of wiggle room here.
• When taking the chair in and out of the bag, need to remember exactly where to place fingers so the chair doesn’t pinch your thumb. As therapists, we can’t hurt our thumbs. There is no flag or marking on the chair where to grab.
• There are two screwing devices to slide the headrest up and down. All of the other adjustment levers are controlled by one. It is slightly annoying to adjust over and over when you are doing 5 minute massages at an event and people are up and down.
• A therapist needs to practice the chair adjustments to get efficient doing the adjustments. Other massage chairs are way simpler and switching between clients is more efficient, although might not be as comfortable.

My overall experience with this chair is wonderful. However, I almost feel as if it is too much chair. I only do chair massage a couple times a year, so I need to review everything from setting it up to adjusting it just to ensure I remember. I really feel this is a better chair in an office/spa setting or an environment where you are not traveling with it. If you do a lot of chair massage, then you won’t have to remind yourself of the mechanics of the set up. Other chairs are way simpler in design to pick back up without a review.

The first time out of the bag, I pinched my thumb taking it out. There is no sign, or tag, that says lift from here…so I just went all in. Also, the chair does not stay in a locked position so when you lift it out, it moves on you. Since it is a bit heavier than what I am used to, I got my thumb. Be aware and you won’t hurt yourself.

Finally, there is only one way to get the chair back in the bag to make it fit. If you don’t remember, or have your directions with you, it’ll take you a minute. As I mentioned before because there is no lock position when it is ‘folded down’ then you have to be careful not to hurt your fingers as you move it around to fit perfect.

I have no trouble with it tipping or leaning when I roll it around, and it leaves my arms free to carry all my ‘other stuff’ when I go to events. It is a great rolling bag, very similar to luggage at the airport. All it needs is swivel wheels next.
I have also worked with Earthlite’s other model, the Vortex. It doesn’t have a rolling bag, but it is so light to carry. The set-up, take-down is much simpler. In/Out and done. No pinching since it is lighter or trying to remember anything. It is much more limited in the adjustments, but as a mobile unit, the chair delivers simplicity and strength. Between the two types of chairs, you really have to weigh how often you will need it and how many adjustments you will want to have available for the comfort of the clients. The Avila adjustments aren’t rocket science, but you do need to take the time to learn it to fully utilize the advantages of all that chair.
Review by Mindful Living / (Posted on 2/21/2014)
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NaturSoft™ Upholstery

At Earthlite, we work hard to provide you with the highest quality, most environmentally friendly materials on the market – this includes our upholstery options. Natursoft™ has a luxurious, silky-smooth feel similar to that of a fine glove leather. We’ve tested Natursoft’s durability with extensive rub tests and it holds up beautifully every time. Natursoft is available in 16 colors.

NaturSoft™ Upholstery

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An eco-friendly, 100% PU upholstery, Nature's Touch is durable, comfortable, and easy to clean. Nature’s Touch is available in four popular colors.

Nature's Touch Upholstery

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Explore the color, beauty and experience of personalizing your table to match your spa or massage room décor. By combining one of a variety of environmentally friendly base stain options with one of our stunning upholstery choices, your table will move beyond being a simple piece of furniture to an entire holistic design concept. Call for samples to explore any of our stains in greater detail.

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