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Infinity Conforma™ Massage Table

Infinity Conforma™ Massage Table
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Infinity Conforma™ Massage Table

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Earthlite’s new Infinity Conforma™ was designed to meet the natural contours of the body, provide extra breast support and spinal alignment to clients who require it, and allow superior client access for the therapist. Zipper-released flex panels enable the Conforma™ technology. Simply unzip table top upholstery to release tension and provide additional comfort; close zipper for traditional cushioning feel.

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Infinity Conforma™ Massage Table

Hourglass Design Portable Massage Table Distinctive Infinity Hourglass Design • Tapered infinity shape provides greater client access and unique look. • Vacuum formed10-layer laminate beams provide a super-strong Jointless™ shape. Luxurious Comfort • 3”, 3-layer, Pro-Plush™ Deluxe cushioning system on table with proprietary Conforma Memory Foam alcoves in stomach and chest area • Buttery soft, yet eco-friendly Natursoft™ upholstery. • Stitched Fit™ upholstery for a greater working surface. STANDARD FEATURES • Zipper-released flex panels enable Conforma™ breast technology • Memory foam insets provide unsurpassed breast comfort • Patented Conforma™ technology improves spinal alignment • Infinity™ hourglass design offers superior therapist access • Hand-upholstered in the U.S.A with luxurious 3” Pro-Plush™ Deluxe cushioning and Natursoft™ upholstery • Made in USA with components sourced globally OPTIONAL FEATURES: call to order • Double knobs for strength • Extended leg length • Full Reiki endplates for versatility • Variety of custom stains and upholstery options SPECIFICATIONS • Weight: 32 - 33 lbs • Width: 32” – 28” • Length: 73” • Height Range: 23” - 33” • Opt Height Range: 26” – 36” • Static Weight: 3200 • Max. Working Weight: 800 • Lifetime Limited Warranty
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Additional Information

Made in USA Designed in USA

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Focus of Review for a traveling therapist
I have had and used the Infinity Conforma for three months now. I got it for my travel massage business so most of my perspective comes from traveling to and from a client’s home. Previously, I was using a table made by a company that is now out of business, a Bodhi table. I have now discovered this table was designed by a company that outsourced to Earthlite to manufacture it. I travel a minimum of three days a week with my table. I also a have part-time job at a clinic where I use the tables provided at the location.

I love the design of the table. It is similar to the basic portable Infinity table. I love how the table is cut in towards the center and stays wide at the top like an hour glass figure. The indention allows me to have closer access to the client for gluts and low back as well as upper legs all while maintaining proper body mechanics. This works well whether I have smaller clients or larger clients. However, since I do work in semi-lighted spaces, almost every time I go to put my table back in the bag, I seem to put it in the wrong way so I have to take it out and switch it. Not a big deal, but it got irritating. So, I put a tie on the zipper towards the wider end to help me remember which way to put it in—took me long enough to figure out a solution. It would be nice if Earthlite put that tag or something on one of the zippers for me.

I also love the Conforma’s feature of the extra cushioning at one end of the table all accessed by unzipping the end. When you unzip, the client is able to sink into the table. This is great for more cushioning for a client’s spine/back but, most importantly, for larger chested women. This has helped eliminate a possible need to bring extra support/pillows/bolsters for these types of clients. I have many clients with larger breasts.

Table dimensions are extremely close to what is reported in the description of the table. However, I would argue depending on the point one measures from…the table goes in at the center to maybe 25” not 28”. Also, the length of the table may be a bit short of 73”.

The Conforma feature is only on one end of the table. This may or may not be a good or bad thing…just something to note. My other table I would rotate which direction the client was positioned on my table. I felt like this was equivalent to flipping a mattress…get a longer life out of it. With the extra cushioning on one side, the client will most often be positioned with the head at that end of the table. Over time, I wonder if this will shorten the life of my table. For my clients who don’t need the extra cushioning, I make the effort to position the head on the side with no cushioning.

My old table fit in the back of my Chevy HHR nicely. This is the smaller of my two cars. This table does not fit easily. I can get it in the back. However, the table is angled up so I can close the door and not damage the car or table. It doesn’t lay flat. Be aware. It does fit with no problem in my Outback.

Maybe an area to improve: the zippers are intentionally placed in the center at the top of the table. If you don’t need the feature, you leave the table zipped. And, as I mentioned before, I place the client’s head on the opposite end. However, if you do need it—or forget to use the opposite side, the zipper might bother the client as they slide down on the table to then move into a face up position. Once, I had a male client whose head rested on the zippers while supine. I moved him down but I could tell it bothered him. I solve this now by keeping the zippers slid all the way to one side.

Also, the knobs on one side of the table which seem to be there to protect the table on its side when putting it up and down—these knobs always seem to be in the way when I drape an arm over the side of the table to work on the arm in any kind of way in that angle. Depending on the size of the client, and how the arm rests, a couple times I couldn’t do a certain stretch technique. This is not too big of a deal, but something to be aware of.

The Flex-Rest headrest that comes with the package seems to be okay, but I have seen more clients fidget with this and their heads than I have ever noticed before. I continue to ask if they are comfortable or if I need to readjust it, they say yes…but, I don’t know. I wonder if the cushion is large enough. I think it needs to be bigger on the size frame, or at least longer on the ends. There seems to be a gap between the end of the table and the beginning of the headrest. This is a larger space than I have noticed before.

Finally, the weight of the table in the product description says 32-34. I weighed my table at home, in the bag, with the flex-rest headrest in it. It came in at 39 pounds. This is without sheets in the carrying bag. It is definitely heavier than my other table, but about 4 pounds. I feel this as I am carrying it in and out of homes and upstairs. It is workable, just something to be aware of. If there are a lot of stairs in your traveling business, I would take this into serious consideration so you don’t hurt yourself. It is excellent quality…so I get where the weight comes in, just note this.

Because of the added weight, maybe it is just me, but the strap slips on me when I am carrying the table. This could be user error. My Bodhi table bag strap did not slip on me. However, this could be because it was a lighter table. This might be a table that requires me getting the table cart.

Overall, I am very pleased despite these issues that come with having a traveling massage business. The extra Conforma feature which makes this table unique, is extremely nice. Every one of my client’s has said, “wow what a comfortable table.” Ultimately, client comfort is one of my top priorities.
Review by Beth / (Posted on 10/9/2014)
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