Massage Table Packages

Earthlite understands your clientele are your biggest priority when it comes to being a professional masseuse or chiropractor. The massage industry depends on quality equipment, keep your salon, or mobile business thriving with Earthlite massage table packages. From aluminum to managed forest wood, your table will remain sturdy and comfortable for each client walking through your door. The Spirit and Infinity table lines take your clients' shape into consideration, molding to support all body types. If looking for a more cost-effective option, select the Avalon XD, Harmony XD or Luna massage table lines. Do not let the budget-friendly price deter you, however, because these tables are sturdy, long lasting and portable. Avalon and Harmony models have hardwood maple leg construction, which fold neatly into a sleek carrying case. With our patented shimmy-locked construction, every client will feel safely supported with this aluminum alternative. Luna offers soft upholstery supported by an aluminum frame, making this table extremely light. Earthlite also offers specialty tables, including Spirit's pregnancy table and salon model. Even add music to the mix with the Zenvi Sound table. Clients plug in their MP3 players for an experience like no other.

Earthlite strives to ensure your business is successful, we will work with you to help select the massage table to fit all your clientele needs.