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Chiropractic Tables

Chiropractors have unique needs when it comes to their clients. Whether they are lying on their side, back or stomach, patients need comfort at every angle to adjust the body accurately and safely. Earthlite only offers the highest quality chiropractic materials to keep your business booming with pleased customers. The Yosemite Shiatsu table is extremely formidable with thick aluminum legs ready for any adjustment procedure. MediSport tables offer the portability you need, but with the stability of a stationary model. If you need a more traditional chiropractic table, look for Earthlite's Apex line. If you are looking for the ultimate chiropractic needs, look for the Apex Lift. Complement your chiropractic office with Earthlite's quality adjustment accessories. Chiropractic accessories will help your clients feel more comfortable during each session. The Dutchman's Roll, uses a cushioned cylinder shape to support the legs or feet during a specific treatment. For side treatments, use Earthlite's sacral blocks to comfortably wedge the patient into place. The Sternal Roll offers pinpoint support for larger clientele.

Your clients will look forward to their appointment when they know they can slide into a comfortable position for an entire hour or two. With comfort comes a proper adjustment, allowing your clients to have a successful treatment each time they visit.

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Yosemite™ Shiatsu Table

The Yosemite™ massage table is unlike any Shiatsu massage table on the market today. The Yosemite’s narrow design allows for total client access – perfect for deep tissue bodywork and sports massage. The powder-coated aluminum adjustable height legs come with Earthlite’s patent pending Shimmy-Lok™ leg braces which provide unmatched stability. Topped with a firm and responsive 2.5” multi-density cushioning system and wrapped in our supple yet durable Nature's Touch upholstery, the Yosemite is perfect for massage and body treatment therapies. Learn More

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Stationary strength in a portable table – it almost seems too good to be true. And yet, it’s not. Earthlite’s MediSport™ is narrow in design, allowing total client access without compromising comfort or style. A heavy-duty frame, low height range, and compact design offer incredible support and stability. Topped with a firm, yet responsive 1 ½” multi-density cushioning system, the MediSport™ takes the concept of a “working surface” to a whole new level. Learn More

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Apex Stationary Table

Apex Stationary Table

If you must own the very best, our Apex Stationary Bench is for you. It is the ultimate adjusting bench with tilting headpiece.
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Apex Lift

Our Apex Lift Table is designed for extreme comfort for you and your patient. Adjusts in seconds to exactly the right height. Learn More

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Dutchman's Roll

This Dutchman's Roll is larger and longer than the average bolster. Primarily used under the knees and ankles, but very useful to position and maintain a client in a specific angle. Learn More

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Block Board

This Block Board is a supplemental cushion when practicing on a softer than average table. Learn More

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Sacral Blocks

These Sacral Blocks are useful to position/wedge clients in a certain position, or when clients are put on their side near the hip/tailbone. Learn More

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Sternal Roll

This Sternal Roll is used for larger sized individuals or tight spots that need additional support. This bolster is a shorter and smaller version of the Dutchman's Roll. Learn More

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