Massage Table Sheets, Bed Covers and Spa Linens

Massage Table Sheets, Coverings, and Supplies

Earthlite knows that presentation is a large part of creating a relaxing atmosphere in your massage room. From fitted sheets to table warmers, Earthlite can outfit any massage table with elegant comfort. Start your table out right with a professional table cover. This durable, fabric protector is meant to preserve your table's upholstery for many years of use. The human face may contain many germs, including contact with the eyes, mouth and nose; invest in disposable headrest covers. By disposing of these covers after each session, you are sure to maintain a clean facility, protecting you and clients from germ spread. Don’t forget to outfit your entire table with sheet sets, including fitted, loose top sheets and headrest covers. Select between Earthlite's Basics Flannel Set or the Samadhi-Pro Flannel Set. Both offer a thick texture for the ultimate luxury during massage sessions.

Stock up on sheets and coverings to change after each client's session, you want everyone to arrive to a fresh table, ready to be pampered from head to toe.