Healing Humanity Through Touch™

We recognize the powerful effects of massage and other healing modalities, and will do our part by offering the highest quality tables and accessories so massage therapists can go about their higher purpose of healing humanity through touch.

Product Excellence

We promise never to compromise on materials to save a buck, but to make our tables the best we can, with the same care and love our customers have come to expect from Earthlite. We are committed to constantly innovating and improving our products.

Earth Friendly

A respect for nature and environmental integrity is at the core of our company philosophy. Earthlite will use environmentally friendly materials and processes whenever possible. We will continue to recycle, minimize waste and build our tables to last so they won’t show up in landfills.

Fair Practices

We will treat our employees like family, with honor and respect, and continually strive to make Earthlite a rewarding and fun place to work. Earthlite will treat our customers and vendors fairly, seeking win-win situations.

Global Responsibility

We realize that we have a responsibility to give back to the world community. Earthlite will continue to support humanitarian projects and sponsor the Earthlite Response Team. We are committed to making all of our global manufacturing meet the same high standards as we have in the U.S.