What to look for in your first massage table?

massage table

Are you new to massage? Or, perhaps, you’ve been massaging for a while, but are yet to purchase your first massage table. Not sure what to look for? Fear not. In an effort to smooth along the process, I’ve put together a basic cheat sheet. So, let’s get started:

Quality, Durable Materials

If I have one tip on materials, it’s this: look for quality hardwoods. They are significantly more reliable and, thus, affect the strength

and lifespan of your table.

Static and Working Weight

Make sure you understand the difference. Working weight is approximately one-fourth of static weight. The working weight of a table will affect the types of clients you can service and the types of modalities you can offer. It IS important.

Comfort and Style

This one is a no-brainer, right? Wrong. Comfort involves a multitude of things. The thickness, density, and quality of the cushioning. The design of the table top itself. The feel of the upholstery. And, to make things even more complicated, you actually have to like the look. So, take your time in the purchasing process. And, most importantly, don’t purchase what you don’t absolutely love.

The Company

I can’t stress this enough. The company you are purchasing from controls things like the warranty and the availability of customer service assistance when/if questions or concerns about your table should ever arise. Although you probably won’t be conversing with them every day, in the off-chance you ever need to, you’ll want to have chosen a company that falls in line with your values.

While this list isn’t long, it covers the basics that every new massage therapist should look for. The path to your first massage table isn’t as simple as one might think, but picking the right table will make your long-term journey so much easier. So, Good Luck and Happy Massaging!

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