What Color Massage Table Should I Buy?

What Color Massage Table Should I Buy?

How many of your clients know what color your massage table is? If you give it some serious thought, the number might be smaller than you think. In truth, I hadn’t given upholstery color much thought until several weeks ago when I overheard a phone conversation between a customer service representative and a prospective client. In this conversation, the client was wavering back and forth between two color choices for her massage table and she was desperately concerned that she might pick the wrong color upholstery. She was so concerned, in fact, that it piqued my interest. So, how does one know what color massage table to purchase? Here is what I’ve learned:

The answer is two-fold. Massage therapists should choose a color that 1) they like, and 2) complements theroom they are in or the general look of their practice. Picking something you like is pretty self-explanatory. The bit about ‘complementing’ can be a little more complex. It can mean that if other tables in a massage therapist’s spa or office are one color, it might behoove the therapist to remain consistent and purchase new tables upholstered in that color.It can also mean simply matching a massage table to the décor of a particular room. This doesn’t have to be a perfect 100% color-match, but simply a complementary “look.” If your spa is, for example, decorated in understated neutral hues, a bright purple massage table might not be the color for you.

With that said, let’s remember that a massage therapist is likely to have linens on his or her massage table at most times, meaning that the only person who will ever really see the color is the therapist. As such, the color of a massage table is – perhaps – less important than one might think. More important than color, to my mind, is the quality of the upholstery and the quality and thickness of the cushioning system. These are the things that make a true, long-term difference to clients.

At the end of the day, most clients aren’t worried about the color of a massage table. They are looking for a moment of escape, a brief respite amidst the chaos of their lives. So, make yourself happy and choose a color that you like and that seems at least somewhat complementary to its likely future surroundings. Then, don’t give it much more thought; it’s going to be covered anyway. *wink*

Happy Massaging!

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