The Results Are In…. Top 10 Green Tweets Challenge!!

Hey Tweeple! A very special thank you goes out to everyone who participated in our Top 10 Green Tweets Challenge this week. Your efforts for eco-conservation are much

appreciate by EarthLite and mother earth! As promised, here are the #green Tweets that made the Top 10 list (in no particular order)!!  Congrats to everyone who placed in the Top 10 & received a FREE EarthLite Tote Bag!

#1 @oooohshiny@Earthlite I use a Filtered water jug and sports bottle, no bottled water! Buy organic foods for my family & walk everyday

#2 @sdentrepreneur@Earthlite Daily, I mainly recycle all bottles and plastic, also bring my own bag to super market....don't tell anyone....

#3 @EnergyFlair@Earthlite install 1 low-flow showerhead to save on energy, water, and wasterwater bills. #greenchallenge

#4 @SportsMassageNY@Earthlite I recently got the salon I work at to recycle plastic water bottles. Previously, they were just being thrown away

#5 @adamblejski - @earthlite I grow an organic garden with my own compost from leftover vegetables, etc! #greenchallenge

#6 @EKMassage@Earthlite After a massage, I give water from a water cooler in recycled cups instead of water bottles.

#7 @MassageByMaggi@Earthlite My daughter collects recyclables- she pays me $1 per trip to the recycling yard 1x per month.

#8 @MassageByMaggi@Earthlite cut the top off plastic containers, poke holes in the bottom and use these for your seedlings/transplants

#9 @aacruzz@Earthlite I don't let the shower or sink water run....I take quick showers.

#10 @ColbiPR@Earthlite recycle almost everything at home & recently started compost! Have hardly any trash. There is always a way to re-use or recycle!



IMPORTANT: Congrats to everyone who made the Top 10 Green Tweets list. We will DM you Monday morning to find out where you would like your FREE EarthLite Tote Bag to be sent.

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