The Making of an Earthlite Massage Oil

The Making of an Earthlite Massage Oil

About Tara:

Tara Grodjesk became involved in the wellness industry over 30 years ago, starting as a massage therapist and eventually becoming a master bodyworker, aromatherapist, and certified Ayurvedic practitioner. Tara began her own massage therapy product line in order to enhance her treatments and utilize the healing benefits of a good massage oil. As Earthlite’s Chief Product Alchemist, Tara formulated an entire new line of massage oils, designed for maximum efficacy in every modality. Tara is also involved in designing Earthlite’s new aromatherapy line, using experience from formulating products under her own name for more than 25 years.

Qualities of a Good Massage Oil:

massage oil in practice

With so many different massage products out there, it is a true testament to its power that so many massage therapists continue to use massage oil. Massage oil is the original massage product, with ancient practitioners using vegetable oils for their skin benefits and assistance in allowing glide across the skin. Modern day oil formulations are designed with these traits in mind, also focusing on versatility, stability, and use in aromatherapy. Therefore, the qualities to look out for are:

  • Glide
  • Versatility
  • Effective Formulation
  • Aromatherapy Use
  • Shelf Stable

Glide is first and foremost what massage therapists consider when choosing massage oil. Glide is essential for allowing practitioners to work their hands across the skin and maximizes the benefits of massage. In Swedish massage, practitioners use wide, flowing strokes on the body, and ample glide is necessary. Too much friction is uncomfortable for clients and may irritate the skin. For certain modalities, some friction is necessary, like deep tissue or sports massage. In these cases, oil may still be used.

Oil versatility is also very important. A therapist must be able to customize treatment for their clients, but also may not want to have to purchase an excessive number of products for every need. This is why a versatile oil is important. For one, a buildable glide allows practitioners to use the same oil for different modalities. When using a small amount of oil, massage therapists have more friction and are able to focus on smaller muscle groups but may also add more oil when they want to utilize larger strokes. Oil versatility also means having a formulation that caters to different skin types for desired effects. Various oils have different properties, so having a strong, wide-ranging formulation means that therapists may use the same oil for different clients.

Formulations may contain an oil that is easily absorbed for maximized moisturization as well as an oil with antibacterial or anti-aging properties. There are so many different benefits in massage oils that the combination possibilities are endless. In the earliest forms of massage therapy, practitioners tended to use only one type of oil at a time. By combining oils, practitioners maximize the benefits of massage.

In addition, a good massage oil is one that can be used for more than just a regular massage, but aromatherapy as well. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to produce changes in mood and other physical states. Aromatherapy is extremely useful for relaxation and healing, but pure oils must be diluted with a carrier oil in order to be applied to the skin. A truly versatile massage oil is also a good carrier oil, which means that it is easily absorbed into the skin and therefore the essential oils may be carried through the body by the circulatory system.

Finally, an excellent massage oil has a long shelf life. Certain oils, such as grapeseed oil, can go rancid quickly, causing therapist to have to buy oil more often and in smaller quantities at a time, causing a large expense. By choosing a formula with stable oils that have long shelf lives, therapists can avoid wasting money and having to choose options with added preservatives.

The Earthlite Massage Oils:

Earthlite massage oils

Earthlite’s massage oil line contains three new formulations all specially designed by Tara for maximum efficacy.

The first oil is the nut free Pro Lite™ formulation, specially designed for people with allergies in mind. This oil has a light and smooth texture, perfect for attaining a buildable glide. The formula is enriched with coconut oil, but also contains splashes of avocado, apricot, and vitamin E for the perfect combination of moisturization and age-defying benefits. The formula is also water dispersible which means it’s easy to wash from sheets.

The second oil is the nourishing Natural Nut oil, with a rich blend of sweet almond, coconut, and apricot oils. This oil is easily absorbed into the skin, which means it’s an excellent moisturizer and all the benefits from the oils are taken in by the body as well. The sweet almond oil is a powerful antioxidant which keeps your skin healthy and safe from UV damage.

The third oil is the Pure Organic massage oil, made with 100% certified organic ingredients. This oil is perfect for massage therapists looking for purity and quality without sacrificing effectiveness. The Earthlite Organic Oil is also an excellent choice as an aromatherapy carrier oil.

The Earthlite massage oils are made with a base of both safflower and sunflower oil, two shelf-stable and highly effective ingredients. Sunflower oil is an anti-inflammatory, which means it helps reduce redness and skin irritation. Sunflower oil is also high in vitamins A, C, and D, helping fight signs of aging and improving the overall appearance of skin. Safflower oil helps the skin retain water and moisture, perfect for healing dry, flaky skin. When combined in each of the oil formulation with their respective ingredients, these two oils create super powerful massage oils perfect for a wide range of modalities.