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Taking Care of Yourself: Why You Should Care

I’m going to make today’s blog short and sweet. Why? Because I am sure you already know what I’m going to say. In fact, I suspect that you’ve said it to others before yourself. The crux of the matter: You absolutely need to take care of yourself.

I recently saw a post on Earthlite’s Facebook page (a page ‘liked’ by over 2000 massage therapists and spas). It went something like this: “Click ‘like’ if you feel you deserve a massage right now.” Within hours, the post had over 100 ‘likes.’ Somehow, I bet you aren’t surprised.

You know that your health and well-being are crucial to your ability to perform your craft for extended periods of time. You know the benefits of massage are endless. Don’t deprive yourself of them. You take care of your massage table; you know it’s a valuable tool. But, you are your most valuable tool. So, swap massages with others, drink plenty of fluids, relax, and keep healthy. This can only serve to help you and, thus, your business in the long-term.