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  1. Creating a safe outdoor massage treatment space with well-being in mind

    Creating a safe outdoor massage treatment space with well-being in mind Maintain your Center Given these changing times, it has been challenging for us as massage practitioners to ensure the sustainability and stability of our practice and our livelihood. For our own peace of mind, we need to stay focused on the positive and have gratitude for all the blessings, large Read more
  2. Portable Massage Tables Vs. Stationary Massage Tables: Which is Best For You?

    Portable Massage Tables Vs. Stationary Massage Tables: Which is Best For You?

    Unless they have their own salons, most massage therapists will opt for purchasing portable massage tables since these models are stable and durable yet much more versatile than their stationary counterparts. Buying a table is an important investment; it is wise to take the time to research, assess your clientele's needs, and then make an informed decision.

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  3. What Color Massage Table Should I Buy?

    What Color Massage Table Should I Buy?

    The answer is two-fold. Massage therapists should choose a color that 1) they like, and 2) complements theroom they are in or the general look of their practice. Picking something you like is pretty self-explanatory. The bit about ‘complementing’ can be a little more complex. It can mean that if other tables in a massage therapist’s spa or office are one color, it might behoove the therapist to remain consistent and purchase new tables upholstered in that color.It can also mean simply matching a massage table to the décor of a particular room. This doesn’t have to be a perfect 100% color-match, but simply a complementary “look.” If your spa is, for example, decorated in understated neutral hues, a bright purple massage table might not be the color for you.

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  4. Earthlite® Massage Heroes - Dave

    Earthlite® Massage Heroes - Dave

    Continuing with our recognition to the massage therapists that provide an amazing work in our communities, we contacted Dave Reeman. He is a licensed massage therapist, Russian martial arts instructor, and movement coach who is certified in many different modalities of massage since 2010. He works with athletes and professional sports teams to supplement training and relieve injuries as well as improve flexibility, movement, and strength.

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  5. 5 Things to Consider When Going to School for Massage Therapy

    These days, more and more people have decided to pursue a career in massage therapy. This makes sense given the fact that the field offers opportunities for competitive pay as well as the ability to positively contribute to the mental and physical health of others. If you're fairly certain that a Read more
  6. Why Massage Might Make You a Better Employee

    Once a week I have a massage—not in an actual spa, mind you, but right here in the office. It’s quite brilliant. Our in-office massage therapist provides me with a 15-minute break from the chaos that is occassionally my work day. And I love, love, love it. In fact, I look forward to it all Read more
  7. What Makes A Good Facecradle?

    I overheard a conversation recently in which the merits of facecradles were discussed. While I, of course, knew that some facecradles were better than others and had a general idea as to the elements that make some more technologically innovative than others, I wasn’t prepared for the complexity of the discussion. So, what makes a good facecradle? Here’s what I walked away from the conversation with (the super condensed version, at least):

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  8. What's Going On? My Table isn't Flat!

    What's Going On? My Table isn't Flat!

    I hear it all the time: My new massage table isn't lying flat! It didn't completely unfold. Is it defective? In a word: No. Well, at least not most of the time. There are, of course, incidents of defective tables out there, but I would argue that in almost all cases, a new table lifting slightly in the center is a result of one of two things: improper opening or a twisted cable.

    Most tables have been in their folded position for quite some time before you unpack and open them. It shouldn't be completely surprising, then, that they might have a propensity to stay in that position. That is why opening Read more

  9. Liability and Risk

    I'm going to do the unthinkable in this blog post … I'm going to use a dirty word. Actually, I'm going to use two dirty words. I think you can handle it. So, here goes. Today, we are going to talk liability and risk. So, take a deep breath and let's delve in.

    I've heard a multitude of horror stories over the years. I won't repeat them because, frankly, I'd rather not be a downer. The fact is that although flukes can and do occur, a large majority of the liability issues that arise are preventable. In an effort to help you avoid risks in your business, I've put a list of oh-so-crucial reminders together.

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  10. 5 Reasons Why Earthlite is the Choice For Massage Therapy Schools

    Career-changers and holistic living enthusiasts all across the United States and around the world are choosing to get the education they need to become professional massage therapists. As the population of our nation ages, demand for highly trained therapists is on the increase: people are simply looking to more natural methods for muscle pain relief, stress reduction, and overall wellness. In order to keep up with demand, massage therapy schools need to increase their supply of quality massage tables, and their #1 brand of choice is Earthlite.

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