Table Maintenance 101

Yes, folks – Even the best, most well-constructed tables on the market require a little love from time to time. You may not be in the massage table manufacturing business, but you can still get to know the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of your table in an effort to prevent damage and maintain its “youthful vitality.” You’ll find a few tips below:

Clean your upholstery regularly. Ensure you follow your manufacturer’s directions as certain cleaners can cause damage.

Perform a weekly “once-over” on your table. Check for loose screws (although you don’t want them too tight either) and anything else that looks out of place.

Store your table safely. Extreme heat and cold can damage your upholstery and weaken your table. When traveling, always keep your table in a carry case.

Listen Carefully. Is your table squeaking? Don’t be afraid to lubricate its joints. Do you have an electric lift table? Listen to it. If the actuator sounds ‘off’ in any way, take a moment to call your manufacturer.

It takes so little time to keep your table healthy that there’s no real reason not to. Give it a little extra love and it should be around for years and years to come.