Sustainability at Earthlite - What we do

Sustainability at Earthlite - What we do

Managed Forest Hardwoods (FSC)

American hardwoods are naturally sustainable and renewable material, but the proliferation and volume of forestland is heavily dependent on responsible forest management. Responsible practices ultimately determine the overall health of the forest and its future as a renewable resource.

Water Based Lacquers & Glues (Minimal VOC’s)

Water-based finishes and glues don’t pollute the environment like oil-based finishes do. They are low-VOC, non-flammable, easy to clean up with soap and water, and disposal is simple. They eliminate fire hazards. Solvent or oil-based products require additional solvents for cleanup. This creates hazardous waste that is costly to dispose of, whereas water-based waste disposal is a fraction of the cost and is non-hazardous.

Zero-Carbon Offset (Plant a Tree Program)

We strive for a zero-carbon offset which consists of “Net Zero” which is used to describe the state when all greenhouse gasses emitted in the world are balanced and sequestered from the atmosphere and “Carbon Free”, when a product or organization does not emit any carbon.

Intensive Scrap Recycling

We continue to recycle and to minimize waste and VOC’s in our production. The solution of the future is the circular economy, which relies on state-of-the-art recycling technologies, better waste management and alternative packaging solutions. By embracing a circular economy, we significantly reduce the amount of waste that is released into the environment each year. Innovative recycling methods and approaches, such as chemical recycling help put used materials back into the value chain.



Minimal Heating & Cooling

At Earthlite® becoming energy efficient through minimal heating and cooling doesn’t only help to shrink our carbon footprint, it also helps to reduce our energy bill. Using energy-efficient appliances; moving to LED lights; automating lights with sensors; using smart thermostats; taking advantage of natural light; and suppling staff with laptops instead of desktop computers all reduce our carbon footprint.

Efficient CNC Routed Parts

The main function of CNC is to cut, engrave and carve objects out of a work piece, essentially a replacement for the usual hand-held router. By introducing an efficient CNC to the process, the number of errors and waste is drastically reduced.

Electric Charging Stations

Polluted air comes with undesirable health consequences for our bodies and our planet. Any steps we can take as individuals and business owners to improve air quality will have benefits for all living beings and for the sustainability of life on the planet. By hosting charging stations at Earthlite, we are supporting a technology that will make this planet a cleaner place to live.

Low Voltage Lighting

Low voltage lights are energy efficient and not only are they better for the environment, but they’re also functional. Lower voltage fixtures and light dimmers are just a few ways we make our facility greener.


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