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Summertime Massage

I was thinking about something the other day.I wondered: How are we, as massage therapists, differentiating our treatments over the summer months? After all, aside from the obvious temperature difference, summer ushers in a whole slew of seasonal treats. So, today, I put together a list of fun summer add-ons and specialized services.

Even offering one of these (or your own variation of it) might help set you apart from the competition:

  • Cold Stones

  • Glacial Shells

  • Cooling or Refreshing Gels (Rosemary Mint or Lemon, for example)

  • Energizing Summer Aromatherapy

  • Refreshing Foot Spritz (a spray of wintergreen alcohol to the feet)

These are a mere few of the possible summertime treatments and add-ons out there. Are they the right ones for you and/or your clients? Maybe.Maybe not. Some clients, for example, get chilly on a massage table no matter what the temperature is outside. Cool treatments might not be for them. That’s okay. Something else will be perfect for them. In the end, it is differentiating yourselffrom the competition that is truly important.

Happy Massaging!!