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Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the air – literally! Tomorrow is the first day of spring. For me, at least, it couldn’t come soon enough. I’ve always loved spring. She brings a healthy dose of “freshness” and rejuvenation to the world around us. She wakes us up, gentle rays warming our very souls. In so very many ways, she serves as a reminder of the immeasurable beauty of life.

And, of course, she serves as a reminder to freshen up and rejuvenate the things around us, too. This means something unique for each of us, of course. For me, spring means that it’s time to clean out my ridiculously overflowing bedroom closet. Spring is, to my mind, also the perfect time to spruce up our business – be it literally or figuratively. Maybe it is time, for example, to catch up on a few continuing education courses? Maybe it’s time to reupholster that massage table you can’t seem to part with?

I can’t claim to know what “sprucing up” might entail for you, but I feel confident in stating that, whatever it means, it can only serve to help your business and, subsequently, your life. So, take a few minutes to look around you as spring yawns lazily back into our lives. Pick something that you can spruce up and run with it. Spring is in the air and thus, luckily, is change. Embrace them warmly.