Spreading the Love!

I used to volunteer all the time and lately, well, life has just gotten away from me. I’m working, studying, raising kids, and –let’s not forget – trying to have some semblance of a social life. Honestly, I’ve just been feeling a bit tired. We’ve probably all been there.

Then, the other day, I realized that I had been looking at volunteering the wrong way … as a chore, something I should be doing as a “good” person. And while there’s certainly truth to the importance of spreading good cheer and helping others, there are lots of reasons to volunteer. Once I changed my mindset a little, I felt reenergized to get out and volunteer.

So, why should you consider volunteering?

  1. It’s an opportunity to help others. (That is still the biggest reason!)

  2. It offers you an opportunity to connect with those in your community and meet new friends.

  3. It can be fun!!

  4. It provides professional networking opportunities.

  5. It showcases your skills and might even garner you somenew business.

  6. It can be eye-opening and educational.

  7. It sets an example for those around you (family, friends, etc.)

As a massage therapist, you help people every day. Certainly, I’m not suggesting that you should overwork yourself in an effort to volunteer for others. “Me time” is important too. But, I do think volunteering has benefits outside of simply helping others. Volunteering can introduce you to new friends, give you an outlet to network professionally, and if you are considering volunteering at an event by offering free massage, it can even earn you a few new clients.

So, dust off your massage chair and get out there to spread some love. Both you and your community will benefit from it!