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  • Try something new and make it your own

    The art of staying fresh while practicing what you love.

    Message TherapistWhy limit your massage therapy practice to one particular segment when you can build upon your skills to offer therapies that appeal to geriatric audiences, as well as infants, those with special needs, or those who seek alternative forms of therapy altogether? In addition, you always want to ensure that you’re practicing using the most up-to-date methodology, even if you’ve been practicing the same specialty for years. So what may be “old news” in your book may have been issued an addendum or five you wouldn’t have been aware of without your seeking knowledge.
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  • The Results Are In…. Top 10 Green Tweets Challenge!!

    Hey Tweeple! A very special thank you goes out to everyone who participated in our Top 10 Green Tweets Challenge this week. Your efforts for eco-conservation are much

    appreciate by EarthLite and mother earth! As promised, here are the #green Tweets that made the Top 10 list (in no particular order)!!  Congrats to everyone who placed in the Top 10 & received a FREE EarthLite Tote Bag!

    #1 @oooohshiny@Earthlite I use a Filtered water jug and sports bottle, no bottled water! Buy organic foods for my family & walk everyday
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  • Win an EarthLite Tote Bag!

    @EarthLite’s ‘Top 10 Green Tweets’ Challenge

    We’re excited to announce EarthLite's Top 10 Green Tweets Twitter Challenge in honor of Earth Day 2011! We are challenging our fans and followers to share their personal eco-friendly efforts and the unique ways in which they contribute to eco-conservation on a daily basis! During the week leading up to Earth Day (April 18-22), we will be posting the “green challenge” at an undisclosed time each day. We recommend paying close attention to @EarthLite’s Twitter profile throughout the week, as we will be asking for new eco-friendly tips, sharing your efforts and selecting the Top 10 eco-friendly tweets, to be announced on our website on Earth Day (Friday, April 22).
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  • The Healing Power of Massage

    Healing power of massageThe healing power of touch has been known and practiced since earliest times. We know that the art of massage was practiced by the Greeks and Romans, in ancient India and China, and massage is even mentioned and praised for its healing powers in the Bible. Indeed the laying on of hands, prominent in so many religions for its healing powers, dates to the ancient practice of massage. The healing power of touch, well known and practiced throughout the ages, is still with us and indeed even more relevant that ever. Today, modern science and the ancient art of healing through touch have come together to help you feel, think and perform at your best.
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  • How To Set Up & Use Your Massage Table and Headrest

    How To Set Up & Use Your Massage Table and HeadrestAs a practicing Massage Therapist, it’s definitely in your best interest to learn how to properly setup and use your massage table. This might sound pretty basic, but consider that if your table’s not working with you, it’s working against you – and obviously not performing to your clients’ expectations in terms of getting the most from their session. Also keep in mind that happy, repeat customers don’t mind referring their friends and co-workers. It’s a win-win situation, and you may just save your aching muscles in the process, too!

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  • 3 Tips to Build Your Skills and Confidence BEFORE starting your own Practice

    Message TherapistWe all know the benefits of massage in helping people become more in tune with their overall sense of inner peace and harmony, allowing them to be happier even healthier and more productive in their lives. In the last decade, the number of massage-seeking adults has nearly tripled – so there’s definitely work to be had. Here’s a few tips to help you build your confidence and skills even while you’re still in school.
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  • Anti-Stress Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

    Life happens. It's a simple statement, but it rings true - especially in these tough times. Some people who can't find a good outlet for pent-up stress may handle extra pressure in their lives by drinking more, smoking more or developing a reliance on anti-depressants. But a more positive solution to stress management and maintaining overall wellness may be as close as your friendly neighborhood spa. Here are some ways that regular massage therapy treatments can help you find the relief you're looking for… naturally.
  • Must-Have Accessories For New Massage Professionals

    Message TherapistCongratulations! You've graduated from massage therapy school and you're finally ready to start your career doing something you really love. Everyone knows that having a sturdy and comfortable massage table is every therapist's bread and butter: but what about all the other tools that are essential to giving your clients a great experience and keep them coming back again and again?
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  • 5 Reasons Why Earthlite is the Choice For Massage Therapy Schools

    Message TherapistCareer-changers and holistic living enthusiasts all across the United States and around the world are choosing to get the education they need to become professional massage therapists. As the population of our nation ages, demand for highly trained therapists is on the increase: people are simply looking to more natural methods for muscle pain relief, stress reduction, and overall wellness. In order to keep up with demand, massage therapy schools need to increase their supply of quality massage tables, and their #1 brand of choice is Earthlite.
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  • Some Reasons Why Earthlite is the Largest Manufacturer of Massage Tables on the West Coast

    Message TherapistIf you are a brand new therapist who asks any veteran massage professional about their most important tools of the trade, they will almost always give the same answer: their massage tables! A therapist's massage table is the center of all activities, and the one piece of equipment that he or she simply cannot do without. Because a table represents a significant investment, it is essential for new and seasoned professionals to choose wisely.
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