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  • Massage as Medicine? Really?

    With all the talk about Obamacare going around, I’ve had health insurance (and just health) on the brain lately. It so happens that I’m also personally interested in topics of...
  • Massage: No, It Isn’t Just About Pampering

    If you aren’t a regular massage client, you’re probably thinking: Of course massage is about pampering! And, yes, that’s partially true: Massage offers time away from life’s chaotic interludes, the...
  • Getting Naked: The Skinny (or Not So Skinny) of It!

    So, you’ve booked a massage. Perhaps it’s your first; perhaps not. Perhaps it’s your first massage with a therapist of the opposite sex. Or it’s just your first time seeing...
  • Searching Out the Perfect Massage: What “Perfect” Really Means

    Today is September 11th, 2013. In fairness, I probably won’t get this blog up for several days, but today’s date has had an effect on me, and it’s an effect...
  • Massage: Why You Must (and How You Can) Fit It in Your Busy Schedule!

    Occasionally my friends joke that I must have cloned myself if I’m able to fit a weekly massage in my schedule. Ethics aside, I sometimes think it wouldn't be a...
  • How Massage Made Me a Happier Person

    I often tell people that massage has made me a happier person, that it has changed my life. And I mean it. How? I’ll tell you. 1. Massage Has a...
  • Introducing the New Ellora Vista™ Electric Salon!

    I’m excited to share news of a new Ellora Vista™ model with you today! The all-new Ellora Vista™ Electric Salon includes a curved steel frame, a remarkably powerful electric lift actuator, ultra-fast and super-smooth height adjustments, and a beautifully upholstered salon top.

    Key features of this stunning new fully-electric massage table include:

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  • Table Weight: Does it Matter?

    In most cases, yes! In fact, if you are traveling regularly, table weight is critically important. Most massage tables fall between 30-38 pounds. Note that tables constructed of wood are generally heavier than tables constructed of aluminum. And, no, light tables aren’t necessarily lesser quality or weaker. Quality tables exist in the ‘heavy,’ ‘light,’ and ‘everything in-between’ categories.

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  • Table Maintenance 101

    Yes, folks – Even the best, most well-constructed tables on the market require a little love from time to time. You may not be in the massage table manufacturing business, but you can still get to know the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of your table in an effort to prevent damage and maintain its “youthful vitality.” You’ll find a few tips below:

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  • Before You Buy Your Next Massage Table

    Purchasing a new massage table can be a daunting task.It’s a big monetary investment and can have a pretty dramatic effect on your business. To help you prepare, I’ve put together a list of important questions to consider as you begin your quest. If you consider these and have your answers prepared ahead of time, your shopping experience will run quite a bit smoother.

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