New Year, New Table! Refresh Your Table to Feel Brand New Again

New Year, New Table! Refresh Your Table to Feel Brand New Again


Nothing helps the profitability of a therapist more than repeat business. And nothing inspires your client more than a luxurious experience of pampering and relaxation. Is your table holding up to those expectations?

We know lots of therapists love their current table; it carries lots of memories, and has made it through massage school, or was a gift..

You may be considering a new table altogether, but we have some suggestions to help you get more time out of your beloved trusty massage table. REFRESH YOUR TABLE!

Here are some options to consider:

NEW Knobs, Feet & Bumpers


Did you know that you can find and shop knobs, feet and bumpers online? We offer our new style feet along with the ones for older wooden portable massage tables. Some are specific to certain models, for example the Luna Portable Massage Table or Elloras and Ellora Vistas.


NEW Handles

Earthlite has replacement handles for various table models. Reach out and we can help you select the right ones.


NEW Latches

Replacement latches are available and are easy to install yourself, making closing your table more secure again.


NEW Foot Pedals

We offer replacement foot pedals for all of our electric lift tables. Not sure when your table was manufactured? Send us an image or have a look at the sticker underneath your table top.


NEW Cables

If your cables are worn out, consider getting new ones. Please reach out to us for details.



NEW Outlets

If the wooden or plastic outlets on the ends of your table are broken or missing, we offer new ones. Please reach out to us for details.


NEW Face Cushions & Headrests

The easiest way to make your client more comfortable is to consider a new face cradle cushion. We recommend looking into a new facecradle platform when purchasing a new cushion. Read about how to find the right one in our blog about choosing the right facecradle. Find all options we offer here.


NEW Professional Table Cover & Flexa-Cover

To protect the upholstery of your massage table from harsh cleaners or cover up minor scratches, the Professional Table Cover is a great option. It stretches tightly over 28-32” tables. SnugFit™ elastic corners hold the cover in place while our double-stitched water-resistant upholstery ensures strength and reliability. Face cradle holes are provided at the end. We offer two styles - one for flat tops and our Flexa-Cover™ for salon & tilt tops.


NEW Linens & Table Warmers

The easiest way to start the year fresh is with new linens. For colder months we recommend flannel, for the summertime consider microfiber. Our softest, most luxurious quality is Dura-Luxe™, made of 100% natural, double napped cotton. The complete set in "natural" is our Best Seller.

You can enhance the experience for your clients further with a massage table warmer. The DLX™ Digital Massage Table Warmer is a programmable warmer with thick fleece and a removable cover that can be washed and is our customer’s absolute favorite.


NEW Bolsters

Are you offering bolsters for your clients? We offer a wide range of bolsters that can make any treatment more comfortable. We highly recommend the Full Round, Fluffy and Neck Bolsters. All bolsters are made with our NEW, ultra-durable Comfort-Flex™ upholstery.


Reach out to us if you are unsure which product you need or are having difficulty finding it online.

Chat with us online, call 800-872-0560, or email Please have photos of the part in question available so we can help you faster.