One Therapist. One Client. Accessories Galore.

Upgrading your massage therapy equipment is about the experience from the client’s perspective and the perceived value you are bringing to the moment. The experience begins before the client even lays down on the table.

Imagine sliding into a freshly dressed massage table, greeted feet first by a warm, pillowy DLX™ Digital Massage Table warmer covered in a set of silky Dura-Luxe™ Microfiber sheets that simply glide over your bare skin. Your face is gently cradled by a fluffy Strata™ face pillow and cover. The lightweight, yet cozy fleece blanket keeps you snuggled, while any one of our bolsters provides extra support when used under the knees, ankles or neck.

SHEETS are one of the main tools for therapists. Is it time to buy a new sheet set?  If you have found yourself asking this question lately, then yes, it’s time. You know your sheets. You use them, you massage on them, you wash them. Some signs of wear and tear are stubborn staining, thinning fabric, color fading, unraveling of sewn edges or severe pilling on the fabric.

Should I buy flannel or microfiber? This depends on the experience you want to provide for your client. Do you want a silky luxurious feel or soft n’ cozy vibe? What time of year is it?

Flannel is a natural fabric, it’s breathable, durable and has been called the most comfortable sheet there is. Known for its warmth, flannel is measured in the weight of gsm, grams per square meter. The heavier the gsm, the more plush the fabric feels and the more washings it can withstand.

Microfiber, made of 100% polyester, has its advantages to cotton. Microfiber is soft and lightweight, low maintenance, doesn’t shrink, it resists wrinkling, and has a silky smooth to the touch quality.

After over two years in the making, we are proud to offer you our custom curated and thoughtfully designed professional massage sheets in both 100% cotton flannel and premium microfiber. Two brands, one vision of quality. We combine the strength of durability and the unsurpassed quality of luxury in our Dura-Luxe™ sheets, and our exceptional premium brand Earthlite Essentials is both commercial quality and expertly tailored. 




The cotton we procure for our flannel sheets is sourced globally, from one of the largest leading cotton producing countries in the world. Our flannel color called “natural” is unbleached and undyed flannel cotton, which, during the manufacturing process, leaves behind tiny flecks of cotton seed in the yarn, much like vanilla bean in vanilla ice cream.

Thicker, cozier, and more durable that your average flannel, our flannel sheets have double stitched seams and premium elastic for extra strength and durability. They are pre-washed to reduce fade and shrink, and easily fit tables up to 32” wide. Each full set includes a precision tailored bottom sheet with double stitching, full elastic trim, a generous top sheet and one face cradle cushion cover.

  • Earthlite’s Dura-Luxe™ Flannel Sheets are in a class of their own, heavy duty 165gsm 100% cotton flannel. Designed specifically for today’s professional massage tables, these spa quality, double napped sheets are expertly brushed to a velvety soft and cozy finish.
  • Earthlite’s Essentials Flannel Sheets swaddle your massage clients in expertly brushed and tailored flannel coverings. Made with premium, double napped and pre-washed 100% heavy duty 135gsm cotton flannel for commercial use.



Silky, soft to the touch, durable, wrinkle and shrink resistant make for a perfect, laundered fit, every time. Ideal for daily use, easy to care for and quick drying make these sheets the impeccable pick for therapists working in their area of expertise.

  • Earthlite’s Premium Microfiber Sheets offer a deluxe, professional quality that will last for many washings and satisfy the most discerning upscale tastes while being mindful of budget.
  • Earthlite’s ultra luxurious Dura-Luxe™ Microfiber Sheet Set is made for both wellness professionals and the world’s finest resorts and spas. We thoughtfully produced this collection of sheets with deep 8” pockets on the fitted sheet, specifically with spa tables in mind, silky to the touch, commercial grade durability, perfectly sized, and wrinkle and shrink resistant.


BLANKETS are the icing on the cake, and the easiest way to enhance the design aesthetic of your room.  What can a nice fleece blanket do for your massage table? Keep your clients warm and cozy with our premium microfiber fleece blankets in 3 designer colors, made from a light weight, velvety soft 100% polyester that insulates and retains heat. Hypoallergenic, reversible, machine washable and completely durable make this blanket the easy-care item you simply must have. Keep your clients warm and snuggly with the brushed fleece for extra softness on both sides.

BOLSTERS can mean the difference between either being totally relaxed or totally uncomfortable on the massage table. A large part of the massage experience is positioning a client properly and comfortably for the best access to sore muscles. Earthlite Bolsters provide extra support and help relieve muscle strain when used under the knees, ankles or neck and come in a variety of shapes from half round to full round.



FACE PILLOWS are the most impactful and economical enhancement to any massage service. When was the last time you upgraded your face pillow? The technology has advanced with the use of new gels, polyfibers and memory foams. The combination of these revolutionary materials enhances the client’s experience on the massage table. The pillow supports the demands of daily spa use and has extra support and durability. Earthlite’s Strata FacePillow™ is the most comfortable, adaptive and stress-relieving face pillow our industry has ever seen. The base of this pillow is a proprietary blend of blown gel and polyfibers we call Cloudfill™. This creates a downy soft, yet supportive cushion, that is then enhanced with a layer of sumptuous viscoelastic memory foam to create the Strata FacePillow™.


THE DLX™ DIGITAL MASSAGE TABLE WARMER can lay the foundation for a blissful and unforgettable massage experience, for both the therapist and the client.

Earthlite’s top of the line, two-in-one table warmer and fleece pad, the  DLX™ Digital Massage TABLE Warmer features a washable plush fleece outer cover, proprietary digital warming pad, which offers programmable temperatures between 96°F-135°F, and time settings of up to 10 hours. The ergonomic hand control with LED display provides added safety and security with overheat protection and automatic shutoff.

If you are thinking of refreshing your table to enhance your service contact us at We have new programs in the works to help therapists expand their treatment offerings and also boost their earning potential.

You are so needed in these times, more than ever before. And we are grateful for our partnership.  Earthlite supports all massage and wellness business models and we are committed to offering products and programs that support the healing therapy of your practice and your business success.