Must-Have Accessories For New Massage Professionals

Congratulations! You've graduated from massage therapy school and you're finally ready to start your career doing something you really love. Everyone knows that having a sturdy and comfortable massage table is every therapist's bread and butter: but what about all the other tools that are essential to giving your clients a great experience and keep them coming back again and again?

As the old saying goes: you only have one chance to make a good first impression. So other than portable massage tables, here are the must-have accessories that every new massage professional should invest in.

Linens: You want your client's visit with you to be luxurious as well as safe. There's nothing luxurious or sanitary about resting your face directly on vinyl! Clients much prefer to feel the softness of cotton against their cheeks and on their foreheads during their massage. You will need several sets of fitted soft flannel sheets for your massage table, along with top sheets and disposable headrest covers. For the ultimate in comfort, go for a fleece pad and a warming blanket or two.

Memory Foam Headrest: To provide the highest degree of comfort for your client's head, it's worth spending just a little extra to get a memory foam cushion. It has more give and take than vinyl, and when your client lies down on your table her head will feel as if it's being lovingly cradled. The advantage of foam is that it naturally conforms to the contours of your client's face, giving her complete and customized comfort.

Creams and Oils: Having a wide selection of oils and creams available allows you to take your massage therapy treatments to a new level. The use of these types of products has always been essential to a really good massage: what will set you apart are the choices you offer. Clients are notoriously picky: some like scented while others must have unscented. Some may have allergies to nuts and need hypo-allergenic oils. Having pain-relieving rubs on hand will allow you to customize your treatments for athletes or chronic pain sufferers. The key here is being able to offer your clients a choice: there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to creams and oils. And don't forget the cart or carrying case to go with them.

Assorted Tools: A set of stable platform sets will allow you to work on larger sized clients without the need of constant table adjustment; a back roller and set of knobs will give your hands a temporary reprieve while giving your clients a new massage experience; you may also want to consider a TheraCane which allows you to give deep pressure care in areas that are difficult to reach with hands alone. There are plenty of great tools to choose from: check out the Earthlite selection to see what's new.

Having a copious supply on hand of the most useful and desirable massage therapy accessories will help you to grow your new business and build your clientele faster than you ever imagined: massage tables are important, but so are all the other "goodies" that go with them!