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The 5 Ways Massage Changed My Life


It’s no secret: I’m a busy, working, graduate-student mom. Things get so chaotic sometimes that I have been known to forget the simplest of things. I’ll hammer through something super complicated at work only to forget the dry cleaning on my way home. I’ll go to the store for wipes and I’ll buy 15 other things and forget the wipes. Of course, we all do this; but the busier we are, the harder it can be to remember the slew of things we have to get done on a daily basis.

When I tell people that massage has changed my life, they usually ignore me, or at least (and understandably) take me with a grain of salt. I get it. But, the thing is: Massage HAS changed my life, and in an effort to dispel the skepticism surrounding my thoughts on massage, I’ll tell you exactly how:


1)     Massage Has Drastically Lessened My Migraines

It’s no secret that I’ve suffered from migraines for years; I’ve written about it before. For years, I tried massive quantities of prescription drugs and nearly every homeopathic remedy imaginable … until massage, when their frequency dropped dramatically. But don’t take my word for it: massage has been linked to migraine relief in various studies and surveys.

2)     Massage Has Improved My Health Generally

There are a multitude of studies out there (not to mention common sense and testimonials) demonstrating the breadth of health benefits provided by massage. Among them: stress relief, pain relief, improved circulation, reduced muscle tension, and improved flexibility.massage_with_flowers

3)     Massage Helps Me Avoid Unnecessary/Excess Pharmaceuticals

In the off-chance I injure myself, massage is a no-brainer. Numerous studies demonstrate its ability to relieve pain and speed the healing process. To be clear, I’m not suggesting you chuck your prescriptions just yet (or ever), but simply that massage provides certain benefits that *may* (consult your physician here) help you cut down on the use of anti-inflammatories, painkillers, and other drugs.

4)     Massage Helps Reduce My Stress

One of the benefits I touted above is massage’s ability to reduce stress. In fact, it’s so true (and my experience in this regard has been so profound) that I see this as worthy of its own section. Massage increases “feel-good” anti-stress hormones, yes, but it also reduces stress by providing a respite from my other stresses. When I’m on the massage table, everything else falls away and, for just a little while, the grocery list, the editing, and the latest argument between my children disappears.Time_for_me

5)     Massage Gives Me Scheduled “Alone Time”

One thing I’m genuinely starved for is “alone time.” I am constantly surrounded by people: at work, at school, at home. The closest thing I often get to alone time is driving time, which—I think we can agree—really shouldn’t count. This is where massage comes in: No matter what I have going on (barring unforeseen emergencies), I know that I have an hour of time alone once a week. Just thinking of this time when I’m having a rough day is enough to propel me through. What’s more, when I return home in a better mood, everyone wins.


But, again, don’t take my word for any of this. Schedule a massage yourself. If you don’t feel better afterwards, I’ll eat my words.