Massage Therapy On-the-Go - Equipment and up-sell ideas

Massage Therapy On-the-Go - Equipment and up-sell ideas

massage table with traveler cart and LMT go-pack

The Massage Therapy profession has always been  growing and evolving, but due to the challenges, limitations and implications of the Covid-19 pandemic, therapists have needed to rethink their practice even more. Mobile massage therapy has gained more popularity during this time as many therapists and clients feel more comfortable connecting at home or in a small clinic and they prefer to work with practitioners they know. Due to social distancing and other restrictions during the pandemic, many spas are functioning at limited capacities. While spas have had demand from clients, they have also been challenged with staffing of therapists and they are in great need right now and are looking to hire more massage therapists.  But for those that are preferring to work on your own and in your client’s homes, we would like to provide an overview of products that support the mobile life, and which make it easier for therapists to travel to your clientele. And there are several ways therapists can create add-on value and boost income per session by enhancing your massage treatments and also  recommending home care programs for your clients

Earthlite offers a multitude of high-quality products to aid in portable massage therapy. Here are some of our “must haves”:


1. Massage Tables

Here you can find a comparison chart of a range of portable massage tables from our three sister brands Earthlite, Stronglite and Inner Strength. You can choose between Reiki, Standard or Half & Half endplates, 28-35” width, flat or tilt top, various different colors, widths and add-ons like low height range, double knobs and extended legs.


2. Traveler Table Cart

An all-time favorite is our updated Traveler Table Cart that makes it even easier to transport your portable massage table over smooth and uneven surfaces. The larger wheels with slick precision steel bearings provide a steadier ride and more stable stair climbs.

3. Enhance your clients experience Holistic Alchemy

Would you like to make your treatment even more special? Offer your client a warm Comfort Pack on their tummy during a treatment for deep relaxation and to calm the nervous system, or place it on their lower back or along the spine when they are prone. Specially formulated with our signature cinnamon spice blend of aromatic herbs and natural rice to release comforting aromatic moist heat therapy. Encased in the most durable fabric in the market,  and an added bonus- our Eco-Fleece is made from recycled plastic water bottles! The Comfort Pack is one of our favorites, but we also offer a neck  wrap that can be offered to clients before or after their session, providing relief for neck and shoulder tension. These items can be added to your treatment to enhance the therapy and they can also be recommended to your clients, for self-care practice at home and this is in turn provides added income to your sessions.

4. Essential Oils

Many therapists already include aromatherapy in their practice, and we deeply believe in their therapeutic benefits. We offer pure, organic single note essential oils which have been carefully sourced by our very own aromatherpy expert Tara Grodjesk. Additionally Tara has formulated a user-friendly selection of blends that take the guess work out of blending. These undiluted concentrate blends have a broad range of uses including in diffusers, massage oils and lotions, or aromatherapy baths. While there is much variance in the quality of essential oils in the marketplace today, EARTHLITE is committed to procuring only the purest essential oils available. Our intention is to deliver the best results in massage, spa treatments and home care rituals.


5. Diffuser on-the-go

Do you know we have a mini USB diffuser that easily travels with you? Elevate your senses with this simple, yet refined travel friendly aromatherapy diffuser. When paired with your favorite Earthlite single note or essential oil blend, you can easily transform your surroundings with this petite plug & play system. Ideal to use in your car, desktop computer, office, small studio, meditation room, bedroom or bathroom. Control the depth of aroma by adjusting the amount of oil you apply to the felt pad.




6. Aromatherapy Shower Mist

A great way to extend the treatment experience for your clients or to revive your energy after a long day of sessions. Our Aromatherapy shower mist is easy to use to create one’s own aromatherapy  steam inhalation in the shower. Made with pure organic eucalyptus essential oil, our aromatherapy shower mist helps to refresh and unwind the mind, body, and spirit. It’s the perfect addition to your wellness regimen before or after workouts, yoga or massage.


7. LMT Go-Pack Backpack

Whether you’re on your way to your next out call, your next travel adventure, or a weekend getaway, Earthlite’s professional grade, LMT Go-Pack™ is a must have. The Go-Pack supplements the limited storage space of the traditional treatment table carry cases by keeping you organized and your massage items easily accessible. This stylish, water-resistant backpack has what you need, including multiple quick access storage compartments, bolster straps, a padded laptop sleeve, adjustable padded carry straps -- even a USB charging port.

8. Add-On Sales create additional revenue

Adding on home care product sales to your mobile business can boost your revenue and strengthen the connection with your clients . Recommending products for self-care at home helps to extend the benefits of the treatment and delivers better results for your clients. If you believe in the benefits of using healing products at home before and after treatments,  it is an easy upsell that delivers value to your clients and greater results when paired together with massage therapy. We love our Holistic Alchemy product line. Every customer should go home with one self-care product,  and enjoy the smell and spa-feeling they create in their own home.

Let us know if you have ideas in mind or if you are thinking of adding some additional  products to enhance your service. Contact us at We have new programs in the works to help therapists expand their treatment offerings and also boost their earning potential.

We see mobile massage, with it’s flexibility, is here to stay and growing. We love that mobile massage puts a greater meaning on our Earthlite mission of healing humanity through touch, because in partnership with wellness practitioners and massage therapists, we can have a larger reach. For example. bringing massage to the elderly or disabled, or to those who feel safer at home, can be very rewarding and give even greater purpose to the practice. You are so needed in these times, more than ever before.  And we are grateful for our partnership.   Earthlite supports all massage and wellness business models and we are committed to offering products and programs that support the healing therapy  of your practice and your business success.

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