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Earthlite® Massage Heroes – Donna & the Ellora Lift Stationary table

Recently, we had the opportunity to meet Donna Miller, who discovered her interest in massage and teaching when she was only 8 years old. Since then she has been following her passion to help others feel better, combining massage with what she loves the most…teaching. And learn how she’s been using the Ellora Lift table as [...]

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Earthlite® Massage Heroes – Dave

Continuing with our recognition to the massage therapists that provide an amazing work in our communities, we contacted Dave Reeman. He is a licensed massage therapist, Russian martial arts instructor, and movement coach who is certified in many different modalities of massage since 2010. He works with athletes and professional sports teams to supplement training [...]

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Earthlite® Massage Heroes – Tammy

  For more almost 30 years Earthlite has been working with many massage therapists and business owners that deserve to be recognized by the community. We wanted to honor a few of those “heroes”: business owners, innovators, sports therapists, and local massage therapists that provide their service to the general public. These interviews allow us [...]

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Standing Room Only – California School Making the Switch to Standing Desks

Schools in the United States may find themselves having garage sales to unload millions of traditional school desks if one California elementary school is any indication of a coming trend. In San Rafael, the majority of students at Vallecito Elementary School spend their learning day standing up, all day long, at standing desks. Nineteen of [...]

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4 Techniques for Combating the Negative Effects of Sitting

  Although many jobs require hours of sitting every day, sitting for long periods of time can be very stressful on the human body. With excessive sitting, there is an increased risk of a dangerous type of blood clot called deep vein thrombosis forming in the legs. Sitting for long periods can also increase the [...]

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Can Standing Desks Make You More Productive? Data Says Yes

Much has been said about standing desks over the past few years, but the data is undeniable, we’re sitting far too much and standing while working certainly has its benefits. According to research by James Levine, an endocrinologist at the famed Mayo Clinic, “The way we live now is to sit all day, occasionally punctuated [...]

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The Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats in the Workplace

  Any worker that stands for more than four hours in a single shift are likely to suffer from fatigue which could result in back and neck pain as well as increased discomfort or pain in the joints, such as the ankles, knees and hips. As a massage therapist, we’re all used to being on [...]

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The Symptoms and Effects of Sitting Too Much

  As research from prominent studies keep pointing to the dangerous effects of a sedentary lifestyle, we’re learning that more and more the good habits we don’t practice might be just as bad as those poor habits we do. For example, who would have ever thought that a simple 8-hour work day spent sitting in [...]

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Are Standing Desks Coming to a School Near You?

  With the sheer number of reports coming out touting the health consequences caused by too much sitting, a number of adults have begun the process of switching to a convertible or standing desk in order to minimize the repercussions caused by sitting. Due to the momentum behind the standing desk movement, and the number [...]

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Importance of Ergonomics at Work

  Right around a century ago tens of millions of hard workers were experiencing a crisis of comfort. Hours upon hours of standing with little to no activity led to countless back problems and muscle pains, and contributed to further health problems later in life. Eventually something was done about it. Business leaders and lawmakers [...]

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