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  1. Summertime Massage

    I was thinking about something the other day.I wondered: How are we, as massage therapists, differentiating our treatments over the summer months? After all, aside from the obvious temperature difference, summer ushers in a whole slew of seasonal treats. So, today, I put together a list of fun summer add-ons and specialized services.

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  2. Oooops … I messed up!

    I was thinking aboutlate clients the other day and about how frustrating it can be. Somehow my thoughts meandered back to the last time I messed up and completely forgot an appointment, remembering it at the last minute and then rushing over only to be 20 minutes late by the time I hopped on the massage table. I was, of course, mortified. So, I apologized. Profusely. I didn’t lie or weasel my way out of it. I just owned it. Did my massage therapist forgive me for my infraction? Well, I think so. I hope so. If anything, she realized I had goofed, that I had owned it, and that I was sorry. She knew that I valued her time even if I made a mistake.

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  3. The Changing Face of Massage Education

    Years ago, options for continuing your education in massage were few and far between. In the last few years, this has changed dramatically. Gone are the days when massage education (whether for CE units or not) were limited, required travel, or meant a ton of prior planning. Now, enhancing your craft is, in many cases, at your fingertips on the Web.

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  4. Spreading the Love!

    I used to volunteer all the time and lately, well, life has just gotten away from me. I’m working, studying, raising kids, and –let’s not forget – trying to have some semblance of a social life. Honestly, I’ve just been feeling a bit tired. We’ve probably all been there.

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  5. Introducing the New Everest Horizon™

    I don’t blog about product regularly, but today I feel compelled. I got to see one of the very first Everest Horizon™ treatment tables before it was trucked off to the Las Vegas IECSC show. I have to tell you, this table was absolutely stunning! And that is coming from a woman who sees a whole lot of massage tables.

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  6. Getting Technical: Static Weight, Working Weight, and Drop Tests

    Okay, so you probably already know what static and working weight are, but they are so important to your success that I thought it best to reiterate them today. Drop testing, on the other hand, might be new to you. So, I say we explore them all. What can it hurt, right?

    Static Weight

    Static weight is the amount of total weight a table can hold safely in a stationary position.

    Working Weight

    Working weight is the total dynamic (meaning in motion) weight that can be safely placed on your massage equipment. In other words, the amount of weight that can be withstood safely as you massage your client. Generally, working weight is one-fourth of static weight.

    Drop Testing

    Heard of drop testing before but not sure exactly what it is? You aren’t alone. Drop testing measures the amount of weight that can be safely “dropped” onto the center of your table from approximately 6-8 inches. This is meant to simulate – among other things – the force of a client hopping onto your massage table at the begging of a treatment.

    Are these things important? You bet they are. The importance of static weight is probably pretty self-explanatory. Working weight, of course, affects the types of modalities you can offer. If your table doesn’t have a high working weight, some forms of massage might not be feasible for you. Drop testing – well, that’s just a safety issue and I recommend you pay attention to it.

    So, the next time you decide to buy a new massage table, ask about these things. They impact both your ability to do your job and the safety of your clients. To my mind, that is important stuff!

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  7. A love affair with my desk …

    I was at a luncheon recently and a friend asked me my favorite thing about my job. I gave it quite a bit of thought before answering. Is it the people I love best? The fact that I work for a company that believes in environmental sustainability? Do I love getting to write about massage, health, and wellness all day? Yes, I love all of those things – and, of course, many more – but I kept coming back to this one really cool aspect of my job that is different from any other job I’ve ever had. And so, while I love a whole slew of things about my job (let’s hope my boss is reading this!), it is this one thing that I can’t help but brag about. So, what is this thing? My desk.

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  8. Keeping it Green

    Are you using a hefty amount of plastic in your spa, salon, or independent massage business? Well, you aren’t alone. But you can do something about it. At this week’s Green Spa Network event in Arizona, plastic was a major topic of discussion. And I’m so inspired that I’ve decided to bring a few of the GSN’s suggestions right to you.

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  9. Hazelnut Lattes and Random Acts of Kindness

    This morning I went through the Starbucks drive-thru to order my Venti Sugar-Free Hazelnut Latte at 140 degrees – yes, I am that girl – and something really pleasant happened. The car in front of me paid for my drink! When the barista told me I was free and clear to go, drink-in-hand, without coughing up a single penny, I almost gasped with delight. In my earlier commuting days in San Francisco, I had occasionally had another driver pay my way through a toll bridge, but no one had ever bought me a Starbucks at 6:30 a.m. when, grouchy and not-yet-functioning-at-max-capacity, a Starbucks latte was my equivalent of a gift from the gods.

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  10. Taking the ‘Sales’ Out of Retail

    We have probably all met massage therapists and spa professionals who dislike selling retail. They feel like sales isn’t necessarily the profession that they chose when they enrolled in school. And, really, who can blame them for feeling that way? To a certain extent, they are right. However, massage therapists and other spa professionals did knowingly enter the health and wellness industry. With that said, I’d like to encourage these professionals to look at retail in a new light. To my mind, retail isn’t just a way to increase your bottom line, it is a method by which you improve each client’s experience between visits.

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