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    NEW YEAR, NEW SHEETS - REFRESH YOUR TABLE   One Therapist. One Client. Accessories Galore. Upgrading your massage therapy equipment is about the experience from the client’s perspective and the perceived value you are bringing to the moment. The experience begins before the client even lays down on the table. Imagine sliding into Read more
  2. Massage Therapy On-the-Go - Equipment and up-sell ideas

    Massage Therapy On-the-Go - Equipment and up-sell ideas The Massage Therapy profession has always been  growing and evolving, but due to the challenges, limitations and implications of the Covid-19 pandemic, therapists have needed to rethink their practice even more. Mobile massage therapy has gained more popularity during this time as many Read more
  3. Use Essential Oils For Your Own Balance, Resilience & Well-Being

    Use Essential Oils For Your Own Balance, Resilience & Well-Being Massage therapists can address burnout by using aromatherapy for self-care Original post can be found here:   The physical demands of our work along with the energetic depletion that can happen Read more
  4. Musical Escapism 101

    I had a massage last week. The massage itself was great. The music, on the other hand, was terrible. Now, I’m not usually a music snob. In fact, I don’t recall really ever noticing the music during a massage before. Don’t get me wrong, there is always some form of music playing during the massages I’ve received, but it generally falls to the background. To my mind, that’s exactly what it is supposed to do. Music is meant to help relax and transport you, but not to consume your full attention during a massage.

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  5. What Makes A Good Facecradle?

    I overheard a conversation recently in which the merits of facecradles were discussed. While I, of course, knew that some facecradles were better than others and had a general idea as to the elements that make some more technologically innovative than others, I wasn’t prepared for the complexity of the discussion. So, what makes a good facecradle? Here’s what I walked away from the conversation with (the super condensed version, at least):

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  6. Liability and Risk

    I'm going to do the unthinkable in this blog post … I'm going to use a dirty word. Actually, I'm going to use two dirty words. I think you can handle it. So, here goes. Today, we are going to talk liability and risk. So, take a deep breath and let's delve in.

    I've heard a multitude of horror stories over the years. I won't repeat them because, frankly, I'd rather not be a downer. The fact is that although flukes can and do occur, a large majority of the liability issues that arise are preventable. In an effort to help you avoid risks in your business, I've put a list of oh-so-crucial reminders together.

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  7. The Results Are In…. Top 10 Green Tweets Challenge!!

    Hey Tweeple! A very special thank you goes out to everyone who participated in our Top 10 Green Tweets Challenge this week. Your efforts for eco-conservation are much

    appreciate by EarthLite and mother earth! As promised, here are the #green Tweets that made the Top 10 list (in no particular order)!!  Congrats to everyone who placed in the Top 10 & received a FREE EarthLite Tote Bag!

    #1 @oooohshiny@Earthlite I use a Filtered water jug and sports bottle, no bottled water! Buy organic foods for my family & walk everyday

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  8. Win an EarthLite Tote Bag!

    @EarthLite’s ‘Top 10 Green Tweets’ Challenge

    We’re excited to announce EarthLite's Top 10 Green Tweets Twitter Challenge in honor of Earth Day 2011! We are challenging our fans and followers to share their personal eco-friendly efforts and the unique ways in which they contribute to eco-conservation on a daily basis! During the week leading up to Earth Day (April 18-22), we will be posting the “green challenge” at an undisclosed time each day. We recommend paying close attention to @EarthLite’s Twitter profile throughout the week, as we will be asking for new eco-friendly tips, sharing your efforts and selecting the Top 10 eco-friendly tweets, to be announced on our website on Earth Day (Friday, April 22).
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