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  1. Massage Therapy On-the-Go - Equipment and up-sell ideas

    Massage Therapy On-the-Go - Equipment and up-sell ideas The Massage Therapy profession has always been  growing and evolving, but due to the challenges, limitations and implications of the Covid-19 pandemic, therapists have needed to rethink their practice even more. Mobile massage therapy has gained more popularity during this time as many Read more
  2. Earthlite® Massage Heroes - Dave

    Earthlite® Massage Heroes - Dave

    Continuing with our recognition to the massage therapists that provide an amazing work in our communities, we contacted Dave Reeman. He is a licensed massage therapist, Russian martial arts instructor, and movement coach who is certified in many different modalities of massage since 2010. He works with athletes and professional sports teams to supplement training and relieve injuries as well as improve flexibility, movement, and strength.

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  3. Earthlite® Massage Heroes - Donna & the Ellora Lift Stationary table

    Earthlite® Massage Heroes - Donna & the Ellora Lift Stationary table Recently, we had the opportunity to meet Donna Miller, who discovered her interest in massage and teaching when she was only 8 years old. Since then she has been following her passion to help others feel better, combining massage with what she loves the most…teaching. And learn how she's been Read more
  4. Earthlite® Massage Heroes - Lisa

    This time we met an amazing woman, Lisa Clements. She enjoys a reputation of successfully massaging legendary musicians, and their crew, since 2004, running a unique practice in the relatively unseen areas of backstage dressing rooms and tour buses, known as the back of the house in staging Read more
  5. Quality Never Goes Out of Style

    I was recently asked what actually makes true “quality.” I chalk it up to this: Quality never goes out of style. Trends come and go. Quality, on the other hand, is always quality. Like a slick black suit, a literary masterpiece, a pair of Louis Vuitton pumps, and – of course – a 1957 Chevy, quality transcends the ages. With that in mind, I’d like to explore what makes “quality” massage equipment.

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  6. Table Warmers –Why You Might Not Like ‘Em Hot

    I recently had a conversation in which I was asked why so few table warmers get really hot. Admittedly, this wasn’t the first time I had had this very conversation. As such, I feel compelled to share my limited knowledge on the subject. So, why don’t they get really hot?

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