TARA GRODJESK SPEAKS WITH 'OUTSIDE THE ROOM' VP of Earthlite and founder of Tara Spa Therapy, this episode's guest is Tara Grodjesk. Tara has dedicated 40-years to wellness and bodywork, creating innovative body treatments. Tara has been a force her whole career. She was awarded the American Spas 2017 Visionary of the Year award for Women in Read more
  2. Use Essential Oils For Your Own Balance, Resilience & Well-Being

    Use Essential Oils For Your Own Balance, Resilience & Well-Being Massage therapists can address burnout by using aromatherapy for self-care Original post can be found here:   The physical demands of our work along with the energetic depletion that can happen Read more
  3. Earthlite® Massage Heroes – Tara is making a better world through healing

    Earthlite® Massage Heroes – Tara is making a better world through healing In order to realize our full potential both personally and professionally, self-awareness and self-care are key. The story of Tara Grodjesk expresses the importance of touch, and its impact on humanity. For 30 years she has been involved in Holistic Health and is committed to supporting clients to Read more
  4. Earthlite® Massage Heroes - Lisa

    This time we met an amazing woman, Lisa Clements. She enjoys a reputation of successfully massaging legendary musicians, and their crew, since 2004, running a unique practice in the relatively unseen areas of backstage dressing rooms and tour buses, known as the back of the house in staging Read more
  5. Earthlite® Massage Heroes - Ruthie

    Earthlite works with many massage therapists and business owners that we think deserve to be highlighted. We wanted to recognize a few people that we consider “heroes” of the massage world: business owners, innovators, sports therapists, and local massage therapists that provide to the general Read more
  6. 5 Things to Consider When Going to School for Massage Therapy

    These days, more and more people have decided to pursue a career in massage therapy. This makes sense given the fact that the field offers opportunities for competitive pay as well as the ability to positively contribute to the mental and physical health of others. If you're fairly certain that a Read more
  7. Your Guide to Preparing Yourself For Your First Massage

    If you’ve never had a massage, the idea of a stranger touching you and seeing that extra bit of belly fat, the oddly-shaped birthmark, or those knobby knees you’ve always been self-conscious of can prove to be anxiety-inducing. Rest assured, a masseuse couldn’t care less about that extra ten Read more
  8. How to Deal With Awkward Massage Moments

    How to Deal With Awkward Massage Moments Due to the personal nature of massage, awkward moments are bound to happen. What separates a true massage professional from an amateur masseuse is how they deal with these occurrences when they happen.If you were the client when one of these awkward occurrences you would, no doubt, be horrified. In Read more
  9. 12 Easy Ways to Detoxify, Energize, and Relax for Health

    I’ve seen a number of articles lately (and even written a few myself) concerning the best ways to relax; but it has become increasingly obvious (mostly through blog commentary) that relaxation is only a small component of overall health. What’s more, when people are stressed enough to research Read more
  10. Why Massage Is Worth the Money, Every Single Time

     Let me start off with a disclaimer: I get a massage once a week. Lots of people think I’m nuts. Even more think I’m made of money. I’m neither (okay, maybe a little of the first, but almost none of the latter). I am an average working mom; and the majority of my paycheck goes to bills, Read more

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