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Let’s Talk Warranties!

I write about massage table quality pretty regularly. I won’t bore you with all of those details – you can look up any one of many blogs I – amongst many others – have written on the subject. Today, I want to address one simple thing: warranties. You see, I’m of the mind that a good warranty is one of the absolute most important qualities your massage table can have. After all, even precision craftsmanship and durable materials can fail. While it is a rare occurrence, I want to know that the company who builds my product will stand behind it. So, let’s explore what makes a really good warranty:

It has a satisfaction guarantee. In short, if you don’t love it within a specified period of time, you get to return it.

It has a ‘Lifetime Limited Warranty.’To clarify, this type of warranty generally covers the frame of a table for defects in workmanship and materials for the “lifetime” that its original purchaser owns it (hence, the “lifetime” limited warranty). Certain systems (hydraulics, for example) are often covered for a shorter, but still specified amount of time.

The delivery is insured. I’ll tell you what, I’ve heard a multitude of horror stories about this. To my mind, a good company will always guarantee the delivery of its products. Imagine what it would be like to purchase something and to then be responsible for damages it incurs during transport! No fun.

So, do your research into the company that you are considering buying from. Check their warranty policy and ask questions about it if something isn’t clear. Ideally, you’ll never have to use your warranty, but should you have to, you’ll be thrilled you took this extra bit of time. Happy Shopping!