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Keeping it Green

Are you using a hefty amount of plastic in your spa, salon, or independent massage business? Well, you aren’t alone. But you can do something about it. At this week’s Green Spa Network event in Arizona, plastic was a major topic of discussion. And I’m so inspired that I’ve decided to bring a few of the GSN’s suggestions right to you.

Below are a few suggested alternatives to disposable plastic:

  • Use stainless steel or glass bottles for water

  • Use water filtration systems to help decrease (or –gasp – eliminate) single-use bottles

  • Use stainless steel or reusable utensils

  • Use reusable bags (this includes dry cleaning bags)

  • Recycle your post-consumer waste, paper, and glass packaging

If you were to make any one of these changes, you would be impacting the environment in a positive way. Imagine if you made more than one? I have faith in you. Make the change. Our planet will be the better for it.