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Introducing the New Everest Horizon™

I don’t blog about product regularly, but today I feel compelled. I got to see one of the very first Everest Horizon™ treatment tables before it was trucked off to the Las Vegas IECSC show. I have to tell you, this table was absolutely stunning! And that is coming from a woman who sees a whole lot of massage tables.

So, instead of my standard blog, I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce you to this new electric lift treatment table. I hope you’ll be as impressed as I was. Read on to learn more …

Pedestal Electric Lift Treatment Table with Multi-Purpose Cabinetry

The new Everest Horizon™ is the choice for day spas, medi-spas, and resorts. With precision-crafted cabinetry for storage, décor, or a hot towel cabinet, the Everest Horizon™ brings functional design to a sleek new level. An ultra-reliable electric lift actuator provides smooth and quiet height adjustments with an easy-to-use foot pedal and our 3” Pro-Plush™ Deluxe Cushioning offers unparalleled spa-level comfort. It is your multi-purpose solution for every modern spa need.

  • Stunning, precision-crafted multi-purpose cabinetry; hot towel cabi ready

  • Ample room for storage with convenient drawers and inset pockets

  • Whisper-quiet electric lift actuator for smooth height adjustments

  • Luxuriously upholstered with 3” triple-density Pro-Plush™ Deluxe Cushioning

  • Top available in Manual or non-electric PowerAssist™ (Flat, Tilt, or Salon)

The long and short of it … this table offers a stunning balance of design and functionality for spas. Stay tuned to see it on the web and in the Earthlite catalog!