Introducing the New Ellora Vista™ Electric Salon!

I’m excited to share news of a new Ellora Vista™ model with you today! The all-new Ellora Vista™ Electric Salon includes a curved steel frame, a remarkably powerful electric lift actuator, ultra-fast and super-smooth height adjustments, and a beautifully upholstered salon top.

Key features of this stunning new fully-electric massage table include:

  • A fully articulating, electric salon top
  • Easy-to-use hand and foot controls
  • An elegant curved steel frame
  • Pro-Plush™ 3-layer, 3” cushioning system
  • Durable, eco-friendly Natursoft™ upholstery
  • A smooth, ultra-reliable motor
  • Rounded salon corners
  • Wheels for ease of movement
  • ADA complaint and bariatric rated

The Ellora Vista™ Electric Salon brings the perfect balance of power and grace to the luxury massage and treatment table. We are as pleased to announce its launch as we hope you’ll be to try it out!