Getting Naked: The Skinny (or Not So Skinny) of It!

Massage copy

So, you’ve booked a massage. Perhaps it’s your first; perhaps not. Perhaps it’s your first massage with a therapist of the opposite sex. Or it’s just your first time seeing a new massage therapist. You can’t wait for the massage—you need some relaxation in the midst of your increasingly hectic schedule. Life hasn’t let up on you of late; you’re tired and achy and stressed. A massage is just what you need.

Except for that whole getting naked thing, that is.

I mean, really, why do you have to strip down? In fact, do you really? Should you wear underwear, a bra, shorts, nothing at all? What does a massage therapist expect? And what does your therapist think when he or she notices that bit of cellulite on your thighs, or that weird mole on your back. Let’s not even talk about the fact that you haven’t shaved your legs in a month. Shoot! You’ll have to shave them before the appointment, won’t you?

Well, I’m here to tell you emphatically (and hopefully once and for all) that you do NOT have to shave your legs, go on a diet, squeeze into skimpy or not-so-skimpy underwear, or polish those little excema bumps off your arms (I have those; they drive me crazy!). I’d like you to consider a few things before your appointment:

 1)      Your Massage Therapist Has Seen It All Before

 2)      Your Massage Therapist Is Far More Concerned With Your Well-Being Than the Tone of Your Upper Arms

 3)      Your Massage Therapist is Human and (Believe It or Not) Flawed Too

 4)      Your Massage Therapist Might Care About Your Hygiene, but Not About Your Personal Grooming Choices

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Your massage therapist likely entered the massage profession for his or her inherent desire to help others in their quest for health and wellness. The last thing a massage therapist is doing is examining your cellulite (I feel safe calling that a FACT), or thinking poorly of you for it. In fact, I’d venture to say that massage therapists have more compassion than most when it comes to the human body. After all, they see a plethora of maladies and health concerns every day and they still show up, day in and day out, to help alleviate them.


Sure, your massage therapist probably won’t appreciate you showing up for a massage right after a marathon workout. So, yeah, do shower. And if you have any open wounds or spreadable maladies, please let your therapist know. But remember that therapists aren’t there to judge you; par contre, they are there to help you feel your best. They know you probably don’t shave your legs every day. That’s okay.

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So … undress to your comfort level. It sounds vague, I know, but that’s kind of the point: YOU get to decide what makes you comfortable. Just try (as best you can) not to let societal standards of beauty get in the way. You are beautiful and unique. Any massage therapist worth their salt (and there are MANY) will feel the same way. So, get naked—or mostly, or not at all. But whatever you do, try to enjoy that massage. You deserve it.