Excellent Client Care is the Key to Massage Therapy Success

Message TherapistIf you are a new massage therapist, you will soon learn that being able to give an exquisite treatment is not the be all, end all of your new career; indeed, the sooner you realize that the comfort of your clients should be the ultimate goal, the sooner you will find success and its accompanying loyal clientele. Here are a few tips for maintaining excellent client care.

Provide the Most Restful Environment Possible

Lighting should be soft and relatively dim since many clients like to doze during their massage. The space should look as "homey" as possible, with restful color choices throughout, plenty of greenery, and pleasant pictures hung on the walls to avoid a feeling of sterility. When purchasing massage tables, do so carefully: make sure that you invest in beautiful, ultra comfortable furniture that will help clients feel totally at ease. Keep your massage tables and the room in general absolutely clean and hygienic at all times, and at a comfortable temperature.

Talk To Your Client Up Front About His or Her Preferences

Many of your clients might be new to the massage experience and will appreciate your giving them a little guidance before beginning. Make sure to cover the following topics right away:

  • Do they like the music you are playing or would they prefer something else?
  • Would they like you to burn a candle for an aromatherapy experience?
  • Would they like to undress to their underwear for the massage or remain clothed?
  • Emphasize that this is a time to relax and they needn't be obligated to carry on a conversation with you
  • Ask them to tell you if they experience pain or if they want you to continue to work on a specific area
  • Explain your tip policy so that they don't worry about it

The Little Things Make a Big Difference

When clients are lying still on massage tables, they are in a position of noticing little details such as your body odor, your bad breath, or other subtle factors that risk ruining their relaxation as well as their entire positive massage experience. By all means, use mouthwash or pop some breath mints before treating a client, and manage your hygiene as befits a professional who works in close proximity with her clients. It will make a huge difference!

Always remember that the comfort, ease and total relaxation of your clients are what your career is all about.

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  • Excellent information! Remember, deodorant is good...cologne, not so good. Your client could have a negative reaction to it, or have the scent bring back bad memories of a loved one who used to wear the same cologne. And yes, breath mints, breath mints, and more breath mints! Always carry a package of them! :-)

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