Earthlite® Massage Heroes – Tara is making a better world through healing

Earthlite® Massage Heroes – Tara is making a better world through healing

In order to realize our full potential both personally and professionally, self-awareness and self-care are key. The story of Tara Grodjesk expresses the importance of touch, and its impact on humanity. For 30 years she has been involved in Holistic Health and is committed to supporting clients to live their fullest potential, with health and vitality.

What inspired you to begin as a therapist and how long ago?

I started so long ago, when I was 21 years old. I studied psychology in college with a specialty in human potential. I was interested in how we become our best selves and live an optimally fulfilled life. Right out of college, after a backpacking trip through Mexico, I was ready to head to graduate school to become a psychotherapist when I stumbled upon an introductory class in Polarity Therapy from the Holistic Health Institute in Santa Cruz, CA. I was so impressed with the energy work and the power of touch that I decided to attend the school’s massage therapy program and get certified as a Holistic Health Educator. My intention was to touch and release blockages of emotion and energy; if I could touch thousands of individuals who could then influence others in their sphere, for the good, then I was able to impact social change, on a larger scale. In order to realize our full potential we need to develop self-awareness and self-care. Massage is one facet of that. Structural alignment bodywork is my specialty, so we can move through the world in the most balanced way.

How did your career evolve to entrepreneurship?

I started teaching massage therapy when my teacher asked me to help open up another school. I found that it came very naturally for me. After working for some of the spas in the historic hot springs town of Calistoga, CA, I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to study at the College of Natural Medicine. There I developed my private practice and later established a clinic in New Jersey and New York called “Bodywise, the Center for Relaxation and Rejuvenation.” I offered structural bodywork, yoga therapy, and nutritional counseling related to Ayurvedic principles. Running the clinics was my first real business venture and 10 years later I started providing training to massage therapists in spas and resorts. I then developed a massage therapy product line to enhance the therapeutic efficacy of my treatments. It all unfolded rather organically and today I am more than 30 years in Holistic Health, more than 25 years in the spa industry, and 20 years with my own spa therapy product line. I learned by trial and error and by letting my own passion lead me. It has always been about delivering true therapeutic efficacy in treatments or boosting the benefits with take home regimens for clients so that they can continue on the path of balance and vital well-being.

What is your greatest passion?

Wow, that’s tough. I have so many! I love to be outdoors in nature; that’s what inspires me and connects me to my higher purpose on the planet. Hiking in the mountains or hot springing are at the top of the list. When I spend time in nature, I reconnect to my soul and attune to the rhythms of nature. It’s where I find my rejuvenation and can recharge and reboot.


What are your keys to longevity in the massage industry?

Self Care. As care givers, we must take care of ourselves and our own health, balance, and well-being. If we find ways to nourish ourselves and recharge and reboot, then we have more energy to continue giving and helping others. If our tank is empty, we can only give at the level we are capable of. We always need to be sure we are doing what it takes to care for ourselves so that we have more to give others and can sustain that care giving.

Why do you prefer the Earthlite brand?

I love that Earthlite is committed to serving their customers and doing “good” business with integrity. I love that they make top quality products and are always innovating. And I love that Earthlite is committed to sustainability and making a better world through the healing power of touch.

Which Earthlite product is your favorite and why?

I think Earthlite is the master of comfortable Face Cradles! When I was in massage school, there were holes in the tables for your face. We’ve come a long way, baby! Having a face cradle that doesn’t compress the sinuses and breathing passages is so important for full release work and the deepest relaxation.

Describe a rewarding aspect of your work.

I have trained over 3000 therapists, who have touched hundreds of thousands of individuals, who have touched millions in a positive way. I really feel the impact of the ripple effect of my teaching. It is so fulfilling to know that I can share my experience and knowledge with so many, ultimately to make our world more humane through touch.

How would you sum up your personal philosophy?

The Ayurvedic philosophy I teach is to cultivate a relationship with the Self. If we know who we are and what we need, then we are better able to find and sustain our own balance and have a positive influence on others. By cultivating a relationship with the self, we develop greater awareness and appreciation for our relationship to all those around us- people and planet. My mantra is “Honor the Divine Within.”

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