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Earthlite works with many massage therapists and business owners that we think deserve to be highlighted. We wanted to recognize a few people that we consider “heroes” of the massage world: business owners, innovators, sports therapists, and local massage therapists that provide to the general public. These interviews allow us to exemplify the wonderful work that they’ve done and receive insight into the minds of these fascinating people. We started with our great friend Ruthie Piper Hardee

How long have you been doing massage?

I have been doing massage since 1990, but that was not as a CE provider, developer, or founder. That was just me in private practice.

How did your career as a therapist come about?

My path to massage originally came about in Hollywood back in the late 90’s.  It’s because the city went through a writers’ strike for almost a year… Well, it’s a crazy story.  I worked on the television show “Married with Children” for 9 years and I was a secretary to the producer.  In the early 90’s the WGA (Writers Guild of America) went on strike and every show in Hollywood went down for almost a year. Over 60 television shows were shut down from filming and networks were forced to air black and white re-runs to fill gaps of air time. The State of California and the LA economy was losing billions of dollars in unemployment so they offered a relief program to anyone collecting unemployment to learn a new vocation and stop taking unemployment.  They gave career choices like truck driving school, photography, real estate, massage, and other vocations.  I jumped on the opportunity and went to a massage school in Santa Monica. Soon after completion of the program they lifted the strike and I was able to go back to the show and my job in the production office. Years later I moved to Florida and reconsidered the health industry. In 1992 I had to go to massage school all over again as Florida didn’t accept/recognize most of my California hours or credits. However, it was a great learning experience to do it all over again.

Can you describe the Ashiatsu massage that you do?

Well, we have a clinical description for the technique on the website and in all our class manuals, but it is simply an amazing barefoot technique of a gliding motion created and researched with arrangements, compressions, and protocols that were all a result of doing my own case study clients.  I was lucky in that I had many doctors and nurses as clientele during the time of development stages because my office was right across the boulevard from Tampa General Hospital. I wanted to create a progressive technique for those professionals who couldn’t perform deep tissue anymore because it seemed they were always in pain.  Most hurt from hyper extending the wrists and hands but also had lumbar pain too. That was my big deal – my back hurt every day from standing and bending over at the waist to give pressure.  I knew if I was hurting due to working deep there had to be others. I wanted to share with other therapists how I was pretty much pain free now that I was using nothing but my feet on all of my clients. It felt amazing to give effortless long and beautiful strokes to muscles and it was super easy to adjust pressure at any time.  Therapists didn’t really think of their feet as a tool and didn’t grasp that they could simulate almost every hand technique they learned in school but use feet instead.  It’s like learning most things – if you’re used to learning something a certain way, when shown differently, it feels completely foreign. It was difficult for them to wrap their mental and physical capacity around learning to use their feet as hands.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your job?

The fact that without knowing it, the Deepfeet technique was helping to save careers of people I didn’t even know. I knew it was a going to be a cool new approach to massage that no one had really seen before, and that it was going to resonate with people, but I didn’t realize the widespread effect it would have. Students felt the need to reinvent themselves once they learned barefoot work. The satisfaction of their clients all saying it was the best massage they ever had…. well it was all surprising and humbling. I get thank you notes and cards from therapists I’ve never met thanking me. They train with various instructors and write things like “Dear Miss Hardee, I’m a single mom and massage is the only means I have to support my family. I was going to have to get out of the business; I ruined my thumbs and joints and didn’t know how I was going to stay in the game. By taking your class I have totally invented a new me. I’m a happy, healthy practitioner ten years later and I’m still in the business. I’ve paid for my training investment 10 fold over.”  I would say that’s the most rewarding thing– just knowing my instructors and I have made such an impact and people and they felt so much compassion telling us so.

Why do you prefer Earthlite?

I was attracted to Earthlite in the beginning because of the environmental aspect. But after I saw firsthand the wear and tear we put tables through in our workshops teaching first time students and the fact that those tables lasted workshop after workshop and never broke – well I was sold! It’s a joy that instructors and our students can relax and not worry about the table breaking and we all can focus on learning and teaching. It’s just been an amazing 16-year relationship with Alex Fuchs and Earthlite. Earthlite strives to give us superior customer service and our graduates get amazing follow up post workshop care should they need a table or massage supplies.  We think it’s an affordable, sturdy table that gives the best bang for its buck in the market place. We have 13 instructors and 14 training studios all equipped with various Earthlite tables and we don’t bother to ask students to bring their tables anymore because we couldn’t trust anything else. And of course everyone fights over who gets to use the Elloras when it’s time to do the practicals.

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7 Responses to Earthlite® Massage Heroes – Ruthie

  1. Julie H Marciniak July 29, 2016 at 8:00 am #

    Go Ruthie and! Love my Spirit tables, Ellora electric tables, Alex and Earthlite. Best customer service ever!

  2. Charlene July 29, 2016 at 9:11 am #

    I love my Earthlite Spirit for giving Ashiatsu at my private office. It’s wider than the average table and the rounded corners are perfect for the client to hang their arms off the side while I’m standing on it. And all of my clients have commented on how comfy it is! Thanks, Earthlite!

  3. Jeni Spring July 29, 2016 at 9:14 am #

    Don’t forget that Ruthie developed westernized Ashiatsu and was the first barefoot massage technique to be approved by the NCBTMB! She designed multiple generations of her patended Portable Bar systems to work specifically with the Earthlite Spirit table, too! The working weight capacity of the Spirit as it connects to our portable bars holds up like a champ – it’s hard to trust anything else but our favorite tables.

    I have a total of 7 Spirit’s and 2 35″ wide Earthlite Ellora’s at my training studio and massage clinic – and most of them get walked on all day every day without any sign of fading! The Earthlite equipment set up for my Ashiatsu students and clients at Heeling Sole includes the extra-wide (I call it the Cadillac!) 35″ tables, the Flexrest platform combined with the Strata Cool face pillow, the armrest bolsters, and the Samadhi Pro fleece table warmers! It feels like heaven, and it holds up to hellish pressure, hah!

    Ruthie has good taste in products – Earthlite rocks <3

  4. Janette Gianatti July 29, 2016 at 9:17 am #

    Love my Earthlite Ellora for Ashiatsu!!! I use it about 20 hours each and every week since 2009. My clients love that it goes down to 18 inches for easy on/off. I will be purchasing another Ellora and a Spirit to use for teaching Ashiatsu in Arizona – and thanks Alex Fuchs – you have helped all of us massage therapists that specialize in Ashiatsu. You realize the importance of a comfortable and safe table for our amazing modality. Thanks too to Ruthie – our barefoot guru!!

  5. Melissa June 12, 2017 at 7:41 pm #

    I love Earthlite spirit tables for massage! I never had a problem with the table when I use it for massage. My clients love the comfort on the massage tables! :)

  6. Martyn April 26, 2018 at 5:22 am #

    I’m looking for an interesting range of electric massage tables that can be made to my specification.

  7. admin October 5, 2018 at 1:12 pm #

    Feel free to contact us at 1800-872-0560 and we can guide you through the products we have available for you

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