Earthlite® Massage Heroes - Donna & the Ellora Lift Stationary table

Earthlite® Massage Heroes - Donna & the Ellora Lift Stationary table

Recently, we had the opportunity to meet Donna Miller, who discovered her interest in massage and teaching when she was only 8 years old. Since then she has been following her passion to help others feel better, combining massage with what she loves the most…teaching. And learn how she's been using the Ellora Lift table as part of her practice

 So Donna, how long have you been doing massage and what inspired you to begin?

I have been giving massages as far back as 8 years old,  to just my parents and brothers.  After high school I started working on friends and co-worker for pain relief reasons only.  Then one day while helping my dad with massages while going through his battle with cancer, he asked my why I had never pursued this for work FULL time?  He made me think harder about what gives me passion in life and he gave me the confidence I needed to go and became licensed and a business owner for over 13 yrs now.

How did your career as a therapist come about?

I was laid off from a long time job that inspired me to never work for anyone but myself from that point on.  While talking to my dad about what I should do next, he reminded me of what he always though I was best at, and that my passion to help others to feel better needed to be combined with what I love - and that is teaching.  I love educating people about their bodies and helping them to realize what might be the problems to their pain.

What is your greatest passion?

It’s really hard to narrow that down, I have so many in life.  One of my favorites though is giving people their 1st massage experience and educating people about why they are hurting and finding resolutions to their pain through touch or simple modifications to their daily habits and that massages and body work help to keep the body in a more healthier state of mind.

Why do you prefer Earthlite® brand?

I ordered my first Earthlite Ellora™ Lift table 10 yrs ago loved it so much I put them in all 17 of my rooms at my office and all through out my school program.  I have never needed a reason to shop around.  The product is GREAT, so great that I decided to become a distributor and sell the Hydraulic lift tables as I travel across the states teaching my CE classes on them.  They are top notch, why would I look at another brand when I feel I have the best already.

Why is the Ellora Lift table your favorite Earthlite product and why?

I believe Earthlite hydraulic tables are a MUST have in a massage practice and I believe in them so much I became a distributor and starting teaching across the states on them.  I focus on educating other Massage Therapist on the importance of raising and lowering their tables during a session, with hopes to sell a few along the way. The Ellora™ Lift is cost efficient and a GREAT product.

What are your keys to longevity as a massage therapist?

Regular stretching (I'm talking after each session) is VERY important in this career as well as weekly massages. I get 1 every week, and sometimes 2 times a week. One week I had one every day for a case study I was doing.  I tell my students and staff, how can you recommend your clients come in weekly if you’re not getting them yourself.  The one thing that I truly believe that has helped me the most with this career and is the key factor, is my Ellora™ Lift table which has SAVED my body mechanics tremendously.

Describe a rewarding aspect or moment at work?donna2

The best compliment that I have ever gotten is when I asked a client after her first massage how the massage felt and her reply was "comforting". I love making people feel relaxed, but when someone tells you after their 1st massage, WOW that made my heart melt.

How would you sum up your personal philosophy?

If you’re in the profession of Massage Therapy for the money, and not the passion, then you will not do this for very long or very well. If you’re in this for the passion and caring that you will share with your touch, then the MONEY will follow with great speeds into your bank account.


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