Cleaning Your Massage Table – The Nitty-Gritty!

Cleaning Your Massage Table – The Nitty-Gritty!Has your upholstery been looking a bit drab as of late? Would you like to keep it looking like new? I don’t blame you. To help you reach this goal, I’ve put together a few simple upholstery care and maintenance tips. Before moving on, however, let me emphatically state that you should always follow the specific instructions that your massage table manufacturer publishes. Not doing so can (and often does) void your warranty. The suggestions outlined in this blog should prove generic enough to apply to most types of upholstery, but it is always best to check.

Caring for Your Upholstery

Keep your table out of extreme temperatures (hot or cold). Believe it or not, they can damage your table’s upholstery. Don’t store your table in your car. This is one of the most common causes of extreme temperature exposure. Always transport your table in a carry case. Frankly, this is a good idea even during storage.

Cleaning Your Upholstery

Day-to-day dirt can generally be removed with a mild soap and water solution. To disinfect, or for more challenging stains, use a diluted simple green solution with a 10:1 water/simple green ratio. Always rinse your massage table’s surface with water before beginning the cleaning process. Allow your upholstery to dry before using the table or storing it.

NOTE: Armor All® or other citrus-based cleansers are NOT recommended on table upholstery. Don’t experiment with cleaning products on your table! They can cause irreversible damage to the upholstery, often voiding your warranty in the process. To my mind, it’s not worth the risk. When in doubt, call your manufacturer.

Repairing Your Upholstery

Fear not: if you have a table with damaged upholstery, all is not lost. There are still options available to you. A number of reputable table manufacturers will re-upholster tables for a fee. This fee is often quite minimal considering the potential costs of replacing the table.

The maintenance and care of your table’s upholstery is critical to both its look and its longevity. So, read the instructions your manufacturer has provided. A little bit of extra love can keep your upholstery looking like it did when you bought it. To my mind, it’s worth that effort.