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Alternative Massage Music – Wave of the Future

You’ve probably been hibernating if you haven’t noticed all of the recent buzz about new “alternative” spa treatments. Among these notable treatments are several that include alternative types of music (i.e. pop and heavy metal). To be clear, these styles of music aren’t “alternative” per se (it’s 2012 after all), but they certainly aren’t often associated with massage.

Admittedly, I’ve had some difficultly embracing the concept of a relaxing massage to the thump of Third Eye Blind. I am pretty eclectic in my musical tastes, but something still doesn’t strike me as appealing. So, I asked around and read up on these treatments. I wanted to know if it was just me. Was I being overly critical? Was I alone in the thought that massage music should be soothing? Here’s what I learned.

I wasn’t alone; I just wasn’t looking at the whole picture. It’s okay that I prefer the sounds of a harp during massage. In fact, its my prerogative. But, I’ve realized, I can’t really speak to what others might enjoy, to what induces relaxation for them. Really, who am I to decide what others enjoy? We all have varying tastes in music. Thus, what soothes one person might not soothe the next. I still believe that massage therapists should generally default to standard, more traditional music in their sessions (guitar, nature sounds, classical, etc.), but I’ve come to believe that there is nothing wrong with experimenting. The key to experimenting successfully is ensuring that the client wants a unique musical experience. If they do, go with it.

If you want to design a massage treatment to the thrumming of hard rock, do so. I simply suggest that you make sure your clients are aware of what to expect when they request that particular massage. Marketing is all about creativity and you should be marketing new treatments. Doing so will help you stay ahead in a challenging economy. As long as your client appreciates a unique musical experience, you’ll have succeeded. I, for one, wish you much success.