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A love affair with my desk …

I was at a luncheon recently and a friend asked me my favorite thing about my job. I gave it quite a bit of thought before answering. Is it the people I love best? The fact that I work for a company that believes in environmental sustainability? Do I love getting to write about massage, health, and wellness all day? Yes, I love all of those things – and, of course, many more – but I kept coming back to this one really cool aspect of my job that is different from any other job I’ve ever had. And so, while I love a whole slew of things about my job (let’s hope my boss is reading this!), it is this one thing that I can’t help but brag about. So, what is this thing? My desk.

Yup … you read correctly. I am totally, hopelessly, and utterly in love with my desk. To be clear, I don’t have just any desk. I have an ergonomic lift desk. It has a super quiet little motor inside and powers up or down depending on whether I want to sit or stand at any particular moment of the day. Earthlite built the desk, in several variations, for all of its employees early in the year.

For the record, I love this desk so much that I actually have pictures on my iPhone that I show off – much like I do, incidentally, with pictures of my children. Okay, admittedly, that might be a little over the top. Ah well. I can’t help myself.

It isn’t necessarily the standing itself that I love. Not surprisingly, standing (just like sitting) can become tiresome after a while. However, standing intermittently throughout the day keeps my blood flowing. And if I stand for an hour or two and get tired, I just lower myself back down. What’s more, I actually feel more productive standing. According to several recent studies, sitting makes it easier to doze off, daydream, and get distracted. I’ll tell you what: I can’t afford to do any of those things. I bet you can’t either.

The moral of the story: If you are spending a significant amount of time sitting during the day or if you have an employee who is (your receptionist, perhaps), consider what an ergonomic lift desk might mean for you. Not only would it be a fabulous move health-wise, but it just might increase your business productivity. No complaints there, right? I didn’t think so.