Creating a safe outdoor massage treatment space with well-being in mind

Creating a safe outdoor massage treatment space with well-being in mind

Maintain your Center

Given these changing times, it has been challenging for us as massage practitioners to ensure the sustainability and stability of our practice and our livelihood. For our own peace of mind, we need to stay focused on the positive and have gratitude for all the blessings, large or small, in our lives. We must gather strength in these times, by making sure we are taking care of our own personal health and well-being so that we can better serve our family and our clients in need. What are your self-care practices? Make sure you have a routine of nourishing habits that support your best self. This should include healthy food choices, outdoor activity for physical and mental well-being, and some breathing exercises to keep the lungs healthy and to move lifeforce throughout the body, along with a quieting stillness meditation for calming the nervous system. You may have your own well-established personal care rituals. But if you are just beginning to navigate that, start in simple ways making healthy choices each and every day.

Create an Outdoor Safe Space for Healing

Now is the time to get creative. In order to stay afloat in turbulent times, we all need to innovate new solutions to new problems. Currently, many massage and personal care businesses are restricted from using indoor treatment rooms, but if you live in a climate that is conducive to outdoor treatments, this is the way to go! Find an area that will accommodate your portable massage table on level ground.

There are many affordable tented pavilions on the market and if you have the space for it outdoors, then you can create your outdoor healing retreat space. Roll a rug over the ground and perhaps set up a prep area with water, sanitizer, and other essentials. A chair for your client to sit if needed. Hang some crystals and place some meditation stones in a bowl at the entrance or by the seating area. When you set the tone for the experience, with calm and confidence, your clients will respond with receptivity to the healing power of your therapeutic touch.

If noise is a factor, consider a small speaker system to mask the noise, or perhaps ask your clients to bring their earbuds or headphones that they can use and help them select some relaxing, unwinding sounds for their session. We also recommend a diffuser with essential oils. When the sensory stimuli are activated by natural, pure aromas, the mind often journeys to another space and time. Essential oils are received by the olfactory receptors which tell the brain “yes”, moving out of “fight or flight” and into rest and recovery mode.

Follow the New Cleaning and Protective Protocols

Knowing you are being responsible and conscientious in protecting yourself and those around you helps to give you peace of mind. Engaging in new protocols for disinfecting, cleaning and protection are essential now. And for helping to ensure safety in your massage business we recommend setting up your table with a Professional Table Cover that can easily be disinfected before and after each treatment and protects your table, plus some fresh linens and safety equipment such as the Earthlite® Safe-Guard™ treatment shield.

Adapting to Covid

What’s great about the table covers is you can easily place the table warmer under the protective cover so that it doesn’t have to be washed after each treatment. That’s a huge help and still ensures your client’s comfort. We introduced as well a reusable, disinfectable silicone face cradle cover called Stretch-Guard to protect your crescent cushion and for quick sanitation.

Be sure to have a hand sanitizer handy at all times, especially if access to water for washing your hands is limited. You can create a special hand cleansing ritual for both you and your client. When they see that you have washed your hands thoroughly and are also using hand sanitizer, it increases their comfort level for what could be a tenuous experience. Our 3 step Hand Purification Ritual is:

  1. Wash hands with soap and water in the sink or water bowl in front of your client. Have them do the same simultaneously.
  2. Use 1 drop of essential oil on a biodegradable towelette, add a small amount of water to the towelette.
  3. The guest unwraps their aroma-towelette, breathes in the aroma, and does a final cleansing of the hands but also gets to enjoy the aromatherapy you have bestowed.

Masks are required for service providers, and we recommend the client keeps their mask on as much as possible or create a pillowcase hammock in the face rest so your client can breathe more easily. A drop of Earthlite’s s pure organic essential oils such as lavender, peppermint or eucalyptus is a wonderful way to enhance the experience and encourage easier breathing.

After the treatment, be sure to do a thorough cleaning of your table. Remove all linens, disinfect the table, replace or disinfect the reusable silicone face cradle cover. And disinfect all hard surfaces. Find our updated cleaning instructions here. Refresh the table with clean linens and give yourself time to renew your energy, because wearing a mask can be tiring.

Massage is an essential service during the Covid crisis.

We believe we can conduct massage services safely and conscientiously for your own safety and that of your client. And we believe our services are in greater need now with the trauma and strain that our communities are feeling. We can make a difference and we can help during these challenging times. Let us do what we do Best… to facilitate healing and recovery, but with safety first.

Photo credit:
Irene Radley, Radley Wellness
Suzanne Horton, LMT

Written by Tara Grodjesk
Founder and President, TARA Spa Therapy
VP Earthlite, Spa and Wellness Products
Co-Founder, Green Spa Network

Tara Grodjesk

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