1. Massage: What It Is Really Doing For You!

    Massage: What It Is Really Doing For You! Let me start by telling you that I am not a massage therapist; I do, however, work with a whole slew of them. Pretty amazing people, if I do say so. I also happen to be a pretty serious consumer of massage—not just because I work with massage therapists, but because I have experienced some pretty Read more
  2. 12 Easy Ways to Detoxify, Energize, and Relax for Health

    I’ve seen a number of articles lately (and even written a few myself) concerning the best ways to relax; but it has become increasingly obvious (mostly through blog commentary) that relaxation is only a small component of overall health. What’s more, when people are stressed enough to research Read more
  3. Why Massage Is Worth the Money, Every Single Time

     Let me start off with a disclaimer: I get a massage once a week. Lots of people think I’m nuts. Even more think I’m made of money. I’m neither (okay, maybe a little of the first, but almost none of the latter). I am an average working mom; and the majority of my paycheck goes to bills, Read more
  4. Stressed Much? Try These 5 Ways to Unwind!

    I’m pretty much a constant ball of stress. I have a job, am a full-time student, and have two small children. Something pretty much always has to give; often, it’s the laundry. Last night, it was the kids’ bath. So sue me. Sometimes we all just need a break. Breaks, if you ask me, are a Read more
  5. Communicating with Your Massage Therapist

    I’ve worked in the spa and massage industry for close to a decade now, but I’ve been a massage client for much longer than that. This has given me an interesting blend of industry-client experience, a view of things from both sides of the aisle if you will. In turn, I’m often asked by my non- Read more
  6. Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Those Spa-Going Friends

    Have a spa-lover in the family? Me too. A couple, in fact. The brilliance of having a few regular (or even semi-regular) spa-goers in the family (or in your wider circle of friends), is partly that gift-giving is so fantastically easy. Spa and wellness oriented gift certificates are particularly Read more
  7. 5 Best Ways to Manage Holiday Stress

    The holidays are in the air—and with them, stress is in the air. Unless you are somehow super human—and I most certainly am not—you are likely already beginning to feel the crunch. There are gifts to buy, parties to attend, lights to put up, cookies to bake, and family gathering to plan. And Read more
  8. Why Massage Might Make You a Better Employee

    Once a week I have a massage—not in an actual spa, mind you, but right here in the office. It’s quite brilliant. Our in-office massage therapist provides me with a 15-minute break from the chaos that is occassionally my work day. And I love, love, love it. In fact, I look forward to it all Read more
  9. Massage as Medicine? Really?

    With all the talk about Obamacare going around, I’ve had health insurance (and just health) on the brain lately. It so happens that I’m also personally interested in topics of health and wellness, especially how our society addresses health collectively. So, when a friend asked me the other Read more
  10. Massage: No, It Isn’t Just About Pampering

    If you aren’t a regular massage client, you’re probably thinking: Of course massage is about pampering! And, yes, that’s partially true: Massage offers time away from life’s chaotic interludes, the type of relaxation you probably only get away from home, and even—yes—some good old Read more

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