5 Reasons Why Earthlite is the Choice For Massage Therapy Schools

Career-changers and holistic living enthusiasts all across the United States and around the world are choosing to get the education they need to become professional massage therapists. As the population of our nation ages, demand for highly trained therapists is on the increase: people are simply looking to more natural methods for muscle pain relief, stress reduction, and overall wellness. In order to keep up with demand, massage therapy schools need to increase their supply of quality massage tables, and their #1 brand of choice is Earthlite.

Teacher knows best, right? Here are just 5 of the many reasons why schools turn to us for their most important equipment needs.

1.    Sturdiness: As students learn their trade, they need to practice all of their different techniques over and over again. A school massage table must be sturdy enough to withstand all of the demands placed on it by dozens of students each and every day. Because flimsy, poorly-made tables simply won't cut it under these conditions, schools choose Earthlite products for their solid all-wood construction and the handmade craftsmanship that ensures they will last.

2.    Earth-friendly: Massage therapy is an occupation or career that goes hand in hand with holistic living practices. Integral to holistic philosophies is the concept of proper stewardship of the earth and respect for nature. It just doesn't make sense to use a massage table whose materials and manufacturing process exact too high a price vis-à-vis its carbon footprint. Our tables are made using absolutely zero rainforest or old growth forest hardwoods and rely instead on farmed and renewable wood sources.

3.    Excellent warranty: We believe in the durability and craftsmanship of our products so much that we offer a lifetime warranty on our high quality massage tables. It's a plus that is hard to find in our industry, and massage therapy schools appreciate that we have their back.

4.    Fair prices: Our prices are always reasonable, making our products an attractive option for any sized budget; and we offer periodic online specials that make supplying a school even more affordable.

5.   Outstanding reputation: Every school likes to be associated with a winner, and our years of experience in the industry have earned us a reputation for excellence that is unsurpassed. We are the brand that schools can rely on for quality, durable products as well as a commitment to customer service and ongoing care. Our massage tables are in use all over the world.

Teacher really does know best: that's why we're #1 with massage therapy schools.

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