3 Tips to Build Your Skills and Confidence BEFORE starting your own Practice

Message TherapistWe all know the benefits of massage in helping people become more in tune with their overall sense of inner peace and harmony, allowing them to be happier even healthier and more productive in their lives. In the last decade, the number of massage-seeking adults has nearly tripled – so there’s definitely work to be had. Here’s a few tips to help you build your confidence and skills even while you’re still in school.

  1. Find a mentor. Find someone who already has a successful massage practice. Simply ask them to be your mentor. Most people will be flattered and will love to share what they know. It’s an honor to help someone new on the path. Once you find a mentor, it’s important to be respectful of their time. Offer to buy breakfast or lunch while you talk and have your questions prepared in advance. Most successful people will tell you they had mentors to help get them to where they are today.
  2. Get Feedback. One of the keys to building your skills and confidence is asking for feedback after every massage. Most of us are brought up to fear feedback, but it’s important to be courageous and ask. Ask what did that they like and what could have been better. Be open and use every session to become a better practitioner. Sometimes, we need lots of positive feedback to build our confidence and believe we are good. Other times, we need to know what’s not working so we can refine our touch and techniques. Either way, asking for feedback and making the appropriate changes will make you a better massage therapist.
  3. Never forget why you’re “in it”.When the days get long, and you’re discouraged, never lose sight of what inspired you to pursue this wonderful profession in the first place. Imagine what it will be like having your own practice and helping people through the incredible healing power of touch. The benefits you offer your clients are priceless, and you get to make a difference in the world.

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