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Spreading the Love!

I used to volunteer all the time and lately, well, life has just gotten away from me. I’m working, studying, raising kids, and –let’s not forget – trying to have some semblance of a social life. Honestly, I’ve just been feeling a bit tired. We’ve probably all been there.

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Introducing the New Everest Horizon™

I don’t blog about product regularly, but today I feel compelled. I got to see one of the very first Everest Horizon™ treatment tables before it was trucked off to the Las Vegas IECSC show. I have to tell you, this table was absolutely stunning! And that is coming from a woman who sees a [...]

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Getting Technical: Static Weight, Working Weight, and Drop Tests

Okay, so you probably already know what static and working weight are, but they are so important to your success that I thought it best to reiterate them today. Drop testing, on the other hand, might be new to you. So, I say we explore them all. What can it hurt, right? Static Weight: Static [...]

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